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Out of Eden - Get To Heaven
© copyright 1996, L. Bragg, M. Bragg, T. Collins, D. Paich

So overwhelmed by all the troubles that you face
Steadily searchin' wanting to find peace in this place
Oh so certain that you will come to a better day
And you're believing that it'll come by your own way
You have forgotten everything that you once said
How you would never let success get to your head
Now you'll do anything to make it on your own
But nothing you do changes the fact that you are still so alone, but if you

If you want to get to heaven, yeah
You've got to count the cost, pick up your cross
If you want to live forever
You better check the time, make up your mind

Do you know that there is a possibility
What you are looking for ain't all it's cracked up to be
So what'll happen when your fame and fortune's through
And you are forced to reconcile with all that you were make to do
I know that it seem there's no way out
And you heart is filled with doubt cause you've given all you've got
But I feel that if strive for success is all you do
So that riches come to you, it won't last longer than you, but if you

(chorus out)