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Christ Centric - Pros and Cons
(from the album City of God)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Evangel
Confused? Corruption conducts your cynicism/
Your mind is blind ‘til the time its struck with hidden wisdom/
And is saved by grace through faith as scripture states/
As we consider its weight of constructive criticism/
Contemplate the truth, what an astounding disguise/
Its simple yet its confounding the wise/
So concentrate or be found in a fiery drowning demise/
Lusting leads to production of sin/
Which leads to death and the destruction of men/
It’s a hopeless habit, we know we’re addicts to sin its been problematic/
We proclaim the dope name/
Jesus that blows up sins debt like propane with close flames/
When we confess He’s Lord, we progress from being profane/
No longer so vain with no shame/
And get a contrite heart, is when your slate’s wiped off/
And Christ sparks a new life start of consecration/
Purposely set apart to worship in the congregation!

Verse 2:
The true God Jesus no contest/
He came to give life when I was pro death/
I must confess I’m a work in progress/
The lust of the flesh I now protest/
Fully convinced no longer confused/
As I continue to conserve the truth/
Confront the profane by the name I proclaim/
The consuming fire who’s hotter than propane/
As He calls and gathers a Holy congregation/
He became for them their only consolation/
And propitiation for those who profess/
And also possess the sacred promise/
His divine protection from false prophets/
Whose main projection is to ruin your prospects/
Let me proceed to read the profound/
The Word is not just verbs and pronouns/
He mediates for me constantly/
Even though I sin against Him consciously/
Conceived in sin I breathed conceit/
My heart was wicked and hard like concrete/
But I was conformed to Christ control/
Consider His ways and protocol/
It is not propaganda but I will promote/
The gospel so many men can be provoked/
To be reprogrammed and join the convoy/
The city of God is joy we employ/
To Him alone I dedicate this production/
This man was wretched is under construction.

Verse 3: Evangel
Progenitors of the sinful/
Adam and Eve, it’s an insult to think we’re not kinfolk/
‘Cause everyone out of his loins sins/
We’re connected like conjoined wins/
Program’s holistic, failed what He prohibits/
So His procreation was prolific/
It’s like sin was contagious/
‘Cause it contaminated man throughout the ages/
So essentially it sickens us/
Procession of sinners, with a propensity for wickedness/
It wasn’t a solo fall, when he fell we fell/
We’ll all follow sin’s protocol/
We can’t bystep, so literal my breath/
And my rep is profitable by death/
Constellations speak, of God/
They ain’t discreet, of our condemnation/
Though man plays him cheap/
Until the time he’s confined and placed in the blazing heat/
Our whole debt piles/
‘Til we’re tossed in hell like professional sinner projectiles/
The earth grows bigger, the curse grows bigger/
Until Christ the controversial figure/
Convicts like Sing Sing/
My Lord stepped in sins ring, like ding ding/
Beat it like congas, now death cannot bring sting/
‘Cause He’s the conquering king/
Spoken divine truth got ripped with whips/
Making men convulse in conniption fits/
He showed the way/
So we can rely on Him for support like His protégé/
For those who don’t know, we make it promotional/
The gospel is free like pro bono/
Consequently, we conclude the conflict we confer/
Where we err, Christ conquered and now I concur!