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Christ Centric - Resurrection
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

Resurrection, what’s the real stake in this claim/
If Christ be not raised, our faith is in vain/
The whole church’s time’s a waste and a shame/
If He be not risen, our sins still remains

Verse 1: Evangel
It’s an important issue and this bothers me/
How men try to dismiss it like mythology/
Scripture’s getting no respect, I guess we’re supposed to sweat/
Like y’all really pose a threat/
Don’t even hold your breath, ‘cause we’re believing like Stephen/
Even if we’re getting stoned to death/
Killed like how they pistoled Lincoln /
The President, it’s evident it’s not just wishful thinking/
Being casualties would be a travesty/
If they didn’t eyewitness His majesty/
But Christ is standing at the right hand and glad to see/
Bloodshed for the Pharisees and Sadducees/
That’s the kind of faith men claims fake/
The same faith that made them suffer for Jesus’ name sake/
Even Peter who denied Christ when they got hostile/
After Christ was resurrected, He gave His life for the Gospel/
The Church is built on the foundation of Apostles and prophets/
Hell’s gates can’t stop it! But you mock it/
Perhaps it seems that y’all ain’t getting the facts like a fax machine/
They were thrown to the lions and ate for sport/
Set on fire to illuminate their courts/
For a lie, why would they try to waste their breath/
Let alone try facing death/
The foundation of our belief and most pivotal/
If false of all men we’d be the most pitiful/
Since Christ was raised, we’ll be, that’s so dope/
We don’t have to sorrow like those who have no hope/
No getting down like a slope, we’re merry instead/
Jesus Christ said “let the dead bury the dead!”/
And god is not a god of the dead but of the living/
And since we’ve been forgiven through Christ we’ll get risen/
Without that, all men be doomed/
But thank God for blessing us with the empty tomb/
Praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth/
The way, truth, life and that thing happened to Lazarus!

Verse 2: Q-D.O.G.
At the graveyard, sun rays are barred/
They’re burying my pops and the days are hard/
But the fact that he’s going to be raised by God/
Has got my soul bed rocked, I can’t be razor scarred/
Now my feet, shod, with the gospel of peace I’m ready/
Don’t even need a fleece for God I’m steady/
Trusting what His Word say/
That Christ died for sins, was buried, and rose on the 3rd day/
Now let’s suppose it was hearsay, you think I would be here today/
Or appear to be here to stay/
Getting jeers from my peers who say/
That in Christ “you’re softer than a spinach soufflé/
But I know that I know that Christ is the way/
And the resurrection for the life to come/
The true Son who got the nod from God/
When He was raised up like a gambler with a trump card/
Showing His offering was pleasing/
Choking death that had my spiritual breath wheezing/
So now we sing o death where is your sting/
I could look up in the clouds and see there is my King/
And my life is now hidden in Christ/
Raised up to the heavenly heights with the God of the heavenly lights/
Made a Son with all heavenly rights/
And through the power of the spirit fight the heavenly fight/
Because the world we’re in is a sin whirlwind/
Through the trespass of one we were all hurled in/
But praise the Lord that gift ain’t like the trespass/
And those who hear the Lords voice will be raised at the last!