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Christ Centric - Kick the Truth
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

Kick the Truth

Verse 1: Evangel
Jesus is the only way heads can pray to the Father/
Learn about Him and not Jabez/
Our sights concerned with people who like to burn with evil/
Take His Name in vain like a hypodermic needle/
Our concern is the afterlife/
So like Jesus tomb clothes I’m just rapping Christ/
He loosed my sin shackles/
Now I spit Christ like tobacco, divine in a flesh tabernacle/
God’s way is elusive/
Christ said He’s the way and the truth kid and made it exclusive/
There’s no code to crack like the Liberty Bell /
Plain, accept Christ or you’re living in hell/
Jesus-men don’t want to respect/
Call Him--He saves like 1-800-collect/
Will god find us at fault/
Well just look back at your life like Lot’s wife minus the salt/
God’s goal is perfect Ill give you a tip/
See we all fall short like midgets that trip/
To the kingdom you’re an outsider/
With hatred than burns for Christ like a wildfire in Al Qaeda/
And you don’t even know what His majesty’s like/
‘Cause you only turn to God when tragedy strikes/
And not persevere that’s the true sign of brethren/
‘Cause everybody’s finding heaven after 9-11/

Kick the truth

Verse 2: Apologist
Cats always ask why I rap for Christ/
I’m just say the same thing—I’m His acolyte/
He saved me from the flames of the afterlife/
On the cross paid the debt by His sacrifice/
Now I’m back in this life and I’m acting right/
By the Spirit of God I can grab the mic/
Spread the Word of the Lord like a parasite/
To a modern day nation of Canaanites/
You try to say in this world there’s no absolutes/
I just open up the Bible and I spit the truth/
I hit them off with a verse to touch the heart/
After the fall, man was cursed to love the dark/
He became a slave, to sin depraved/
So by the works of the flesh no one can be saved/
But praise God who came to dwell with us/
Emmanuel in His presence hell is crushed!


Verse 3: Q-D.O.G.
Lord, through Your divine help me reveal them Your mind/
‘Cause I’m fearing that these folks ain’t feeling your line/
Or fearing the time of Your coming/
When time comes to the roadblock, they’ll be shorter than Arnold Drummond/
But if you’re too young to understand that metaphor/
Understand the God-man plans to come settle the score/
You need to be spiritually poor, humble yourself in front of the door/
Stop, put your gun on the floor/
And all of your vices, no matter where your life is/
Christ is the Truth, the Life and Way out your crisis/
But the price is your life kid, yo, you must surrender it/
Repent, turn from sin and let Him enter in/
The promise in His Word—joy unspeakable/
Not even preachable, ‘cause no eye has seen, no ear has heard/
What He has in store for those He loves/
Whom He purchased with His precious blood!