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Christ Centric - Apostasy
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005


Verse 1:
It hurts and I’m grieving, first seen through a cursory reading/
There’ll be persons misleading, the church in deceiving/
Lovers of self, coveting wealth/
With more care for their welfare but not the governments help/
Their hot topics shows god is their appetites/
They’re not prophets—they’ll get charred in the afterlife/
They say you’ll rise from debt, while the prophets get/
To pocket checks for private jets/
And new better facilities, through their theft ability/
And all along the ministry is losing credibility/
They think mammon is excellence, a scamming that represents/
Today’s church standing in decadence/
Just examine and check against/
Churches in other countries hungry in famine and pestilence/
Such a stark reality/
God’s no respector of persons showing partiality!

Verse 2:
A packed house for the Word of Faith/
The church to date needs to put them back out like invertebrates/
They say don’t have doubts—claim it/
And put the power in the tongue and say name it/
It’s a shame it’s getting over ‘cause we don’t know the/
Only one that can speak things into existence is Jehovah/
Their heretical foul tactics/
Has got me losing my patience like medical malpractice/
He’s no parts supplier/
And your faith’s no streetcar—you can’t name your hearts desire/
If all your requests is always a yes/
Why wasn’t Paul healed from His thorn in the flesh/
Apparently, aren’t we, to draw from this/
You can’t guarantee your wish inerrantly/
They’ll promised to be rich—they shout at times boasting/
If you’re hears itch then switch to calomine lotion!

Verse 3:
Lord stop me if I’m clowning with hate/
You said rebuke them sharply to make them sound in the faith/
Many believe their claims, I’m pleading on their behalf/
In Jesus’ name to spare Your wrath/
To them we’ve lost some of our dearest people/
They’re deceitful, here to ensnare your sheepfold/
In Your immortalized Word of God it’s pretold/
Cerified right before our eyes like a peephole/
Your Word says we should stand in contentment/
Many are deceived please grant them repentance/
Before they see Christ, coming like a thief in the night/
Without Gladys, and won’t need march to bring madness/
To whack off the masses/
Then there won’t be time to hit the sackcloth and ashes!

It’s apostasy, this was prophecy/
In the last days many shall depart from Thee/
Thinking cash pays living irresponsibly/
Lord, I ask change hearts to respond to Thee!