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Mynista - I have a dream
(from the album Signs, Miracles, And Wonders)
© copyright 2007, Mynista


Daddy gave me a coat with some bright color,
some people got a problem with it though,
I keep it on in the winter in the summer at the crib, in the street I, stay covered.
Oh ooh oh ooh oh, I , I have a dream...
Oh ooh oh ooh oh, I , I have a dream...

(Verse 1)
Clear to me, I can see it very well now,
I saw multiplied millions in the field bow.
Yeah, I was standing up there,
opened up my mouth saw His Glory everywhere.
Daddy with the daughter, momma with the son,
African Americans and caucasians.
All ages, old and young,
all got filled, spoke in tongues.
Saw an empty wheelchair, saw a man run,
saw hands up like I had a big gun,
heard em' chanting the name of the One,
Yeshua in the Hebrew toungue.
I saw somebody get a whole new lung,
people flew in from Hong Kong.
I saw a deaf man hearing my song,
It's happening now, my dream has come.


(Verse 2)

I saw the embers, from the inner flame as a lady testified about change.
I saw some celebrities in the crowd, eyes real big, mouth like wow.
I saw God's power lay em' all down, I came forth with a whole new sound.
My attitude wasn't look at me now, my attitude was Jesus is how.
I saw a lady in a coma she was brain dead,
all of a sudden she was sittin' up in bed.
I saw an atheist asking will you pray for this,
I saw a witch testify of her deliverance.
I saw a stripper, she was stripping her sin off,
I saw The Blood of Jesus cover her like lip gloss.
I saw an old man, guess he had a hip off,
threw his cane down, didn't even limp off.