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Christ Centric - City of God
(from the album City of God)
© copyright 2007

City of God

This is the resting place for confessing faith/
Christians from death are raised and get a new bod/
Creation God renovates to its bless-ed state/
On Christ they set their praise in the City of God !

Verse 1:
This is the place for he that obeys/
After heaven and earth burn its old age/
And took away it’s groanings like Rolaids/
To put a phrase for the place where John stood amazed/
Its makeup had more jewels than Jacob could appraise/
God its shine showing truly, streets of gold/
With rhinestones and rubies, mind blowing beauty/
A sight we stare at this show stopper/
Christ prepared forever daytime without the soap opera/
Just righteous there who eat the ripe/
Fruit, not from the tree that brought death, but the tree of life/
That fills the hungry who hungered and thirst/
To be done with the curse healed in this land of milk and honey/
God set eternity in the hearts of man/
To satisfy this appetite in this awesome land/
Of perfection that’s maintained/
Citizens living in a different world like Dwayne Wayne/
It ain’t the same, that tainted plain/
Acquainted with pain, no place where saints complain/
It’s so much beauty yet it ain’t a mirage/
It’s the city whose builder and maker is God!


Verse 2:
All that’s inside of course He never forfeits His courtship/
It’s the Lord and His bride/
The Church will show God’s protection/
Presented without wrinkle like botox injections/
Through faith that’s man’s dependence/
‘Cause they obeyed the command—repentance/
And they’re Abraham’s descendants/
Believed in the Lord through all the generations/
Redeemed, restored and gone through renovations/
Outside are dogs no walls of penetration/
Called to reservation in the Lord’s preparation/
A great multitude in the promised land/
A bunch of dudes from all tribes, rich and common man/
No more struggle in the infamy of entropy/
We’ll live invincibly with no more suffering/
All of its new, all troubles through/
Did away with evildoers like His name is George W/
No metaphor we got real peace forevermore/
From His repertoire no threat of war/
Ain’t nothing better used to walk by faith/
Now we walk by sight receiving laid up treasure/
Promise is fulfilled in this building/
Millions of former pilgrims, now children, chilling in its brilliance/
Civilians who taste His grace/
We used to see through a mirror dimly but now we’re face to face!


Verse 3:
Heaven’s epitome/
Is that we’ll be in the vicinity of the trinity in full divinity/
Beyond imagination, divine habitation we sit with God/
Whose glory won’t depart like Ichabod/
Unveiled glory in touch with His humans/
Continuous uninterrupted communion/
No need for light, it’s the end of story/
God gives it glory, He is the glory, we give Him glory/
What we got’s not hot, its better, etc. dot, dot, dot/
Giving props non stop/
That’s praise and glory and wisdom and thanks/
Amen, and honor and power and strength/
Be to God the Don Maestro/
Him reign forever and all things a gwon like so/
He put an end to the vicious cycle of sin/
And then drinking wine with His disciples again/
Christ, lift us up when we’re down/
So now we bow and cast down incorruptible crowns!