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TheBREAX - Have You Seen Her

Ay yo, she made me smile one of those super-smiles, right
You know the kind that make noises?
Remember like back in the second grade when you saw the girl you liked
And you looked at her and you couldn’t even say nothing
All you could do was just go, “Hehehe”
She has me on one of those
She makes me want to poke holes into my cheeks to create dimples
She makes my life simple
Better yet, she simplifies me
She knows that I’m gentle
Not soft
See I’ve never been that way
She respects the fact that I won’t cut off my hair for no one
She knows that I like my hair nappy and my sneakers clean
So she never asks me to comb my hair
Nor does she ask me to jeopardize my sneakers cuz I’m a shoe freak
I like her
She doesn’t stink
Her hair is long, and her feet don’t offend me
And when I met her, I told her
“I don’t want to take advantage of you sexually
I just want you next to me and I want us to bring out the best in we
And maybe I can cook you up a recipe
Do you like tea?
Cuz that’s all I know how to cook
But look, I like you. You like me?
And she was like, ‘Yeah’ and I was like, ‘Word?’
And she was like, ‘Yeah’ and I was like ‘Dope!’”
End quote
She makes my throat expand, allowing me to swallow my pride
Making it easier for me to forgive and apologize