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Soup the Chemist - Turntablist
(from the album Eargasmic Arrangements)
© copyright 2003

(Aight, this is how it’s going down. This is yours truly, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Grandmaster Flash, the very first to make the turntable an instrument, the godfather of the Wheels of Steel. Shout out to my boy Soup the Chemist. Rock that joint right now.)

As I watch the labels turn
My fingertips begin to burn
I place the diamond unto her skin
Pick the pitch and begin to mix

I send out mixed messages like cable, my worst enemy is a wobbly table
Which would make the record skip while I’m doing tricks
Can’t have that type of scene, my cuts is clean
And I’ve been practicing all week on this new routine
And I want all of ya’ll here to absorb it
Got the crowd bumping, when I begin to orbit
Ya’ll swearing that it’s prerecorded
Because of the way I alter the sonic sounds
That was originally pressed down
Into the black groove disc, I’m a turntablist
Increasing my speed by practicing with ankle weights on my wrist
The rhythms I select accent my personality
And help you escape your reality
So if you’re into tight mixes and cuts
Show your support and pick my mixtape up


I’m a turntablist, speaking with my playlists
Leaving homo sapiens in my midst
Permeated, with intercalated moves
You videotape the session so you can have clues
That’ll help you improve your exhibition
This goes out to all of ya’ll that be mixing
Loving the flex, standing in front of
The two turntables separated by the Vestax
Now I make my move for the direct drive
Push the vinyl ‘til it’s spinning clockwise
Releasing good vibes, you’re feeling fortified
From the underground selection I supply
I back up emcees when they rap
Fill in a chorus with a flare or a crab scratch
So don’t label me as just a host in the spot
Cuz I’m an important element of hip-hop