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Sharlok Poems - Open Book
(from the album The Movement)
© copyright 2004

I’m an open book, thumb through each page
I’m the road you took, let me show you my ways
I’m a forward look, towards better days
I’m an example of a life saved

I stand frozen for a moment in time
With sad thoughts in the back of my mind
The fine line between smiling and crying
I have lost over a million times
In the midst of trying to speak my mind
I’ve been robbed for a peace of mind
I’ve been redesigned by life’s dream, redefined
At lowest point what’s left for me but the uphill climb
Talking in riddles makes the truth very hard to find
I’m partially blind, can’t see, lost my path
Oh help me, for directions I didn’t ask
It happened so fast, my present is my past
Time flies, life’s short, how long will mine last
Hope I’m not here to see who gets the last laugh
Cut me in half, whether I am happy or sad
I’d fall fast if rock bottom didn’t hurt so bad
If rock bottom didn’t hurt so bad


Far from perfect, see the imperfections on the surface
The ones inside, they really make me nervous
There’s a very long list of do’s and don’ts
Because it says “Don’t enter” don’t mean that I won’t
Many times murder’s been wrote in suicide notes
I can’t swim but I took a ride on a sailboat
Lost hope in everything that I see and hear
This world only gets worse year after year
Shed a tear for the living, say a prayer for the dead
To the rhythm of my heart sing the songs in my head
I’ve been led, I’ve been followed, I’ve been chased, I’ve been watched
I’m in love right now, you can say I’ve been caught
Put my whole heart in art so help me God
Touched the soul of the tormented, repented, and awed
Give a nod to a stranger, say hello to a friend
Put a peace sign in the sky until we meet again