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Surreal and DJ Balance - Let the Horns Blow
(from the album Future Classic (re-release))
© copyright 2006

I awake when the sun shows his face at day break
To a full plate of turkey, bacon, and pancakes
Fresh squeezed OJ over from your plate
My wife is a culinary genius and my soul mate
You say I’m lucky but I say that I’m blessed
Cuz a connection this fresh just ain’t in the flesh
It’s a God-given union between woman and man
Two pieces of the puzzle that can fit in His plan
And I’ma stand on my ground and never back down
I’m the lion of my pride, man I love how that sounds
And I am so proud and I steadily vow
To chase after the King with the heavenly crown
My life’s ahead of me now and my future is bright
Got Christ in my life so I’m doing it right
Me and my beautiful wife stay pursuing the light
Now she’s pregnant with my child, what a beautiful sight

Let the horns blow
Yeah, uh, so let the horns blow
Come on, let the horns blow
Sivion, let the horns blow

I’ve been chose to follow this road
And be a father more prominent that Solomon’s gold
And I accept the challenge with an attitude of gratitude
To teach my son is a task of great magnitude
Tell him ‘bout the Master and them proper things
Be a civil rights leader like Doctor King
Or maybe Isaiah will be a ball player
Or take after his pops and be a fly rhyme sayer
No matter what he does, I support him wholeheartedly
No matter where he travels, he’ll always be a part of me
So Isaiah, when you’re old enough to understand
Nobody can love you quite the way me and your mother can
You’re a prince in the kingdom of the Son of Man
He paid the price so I’m stretched like a rubber band
So little man, I’m letting you know
On the day you were born yo, we had to let the horns blow

Yeah little man, we let the horns blow
My firstborn, so let the horns blow
Isaiah, let the horns blow

Let me tell you about my Heavenly Father
He was there when my biological didn’t bother
Deep honor, bright glory
For the Author that writes my life story
Verse by verse He was up in the plot
Even when I did dirt, serving drugs in the block
Yo, He tried to give me peace, I was carrying a piece
And I’m working for the Beast while my soul was asleep
But He never gave up, He knew that I would wake up
Embrace the life only dreams are made of
Now I’m the light that be shining in the shadows
Armed with the truth to escape the gallows
He hand crafted and created the universe
More concerned with your heart than what you do in church
Jehovah Jireh, Yeshua is Lord, so
All of creation is letting the horns blow

He’s the Chief Cornerstone, so you’ve gotta let the horns blow
Yeah, the King of Kings, let the horns blow
Yeah, let the horns blow
Let ‘em blow, let ‘em blow, let ‘em blow