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Christ Centric - The Narrow Way
(from the album City of God)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1a: Evangel
Lord, You’re lofty, I’m worthless a slumdweller/
You I worship, I can’t block your reign with an umbrella/
I’m a sinner, I expect Your wrath/
But You sent Your Son on my debt’s behalf/
Lord, please direct my path/
That’s when the Lord got me/
And operated on me when I was dead in sins like an autopsy/
I rose up from His gurney, strapped with a map/
For repping Christ in this second life as I go upon this journey…

Verse 1b: Believin Stephen
Lord, I thank you that I’m not like that savage/
And you made me holy and I’m above average/
With heaven in sight, I’m going on a road trip/
Don’t want to fall off the map, like Hootie N the Blowfish/
I notice, this narrow way is bogus/
It’s Friday my mindframe is focused, I’m loving these wide lines/
Cats got education, concerned with reputation/
Follow legislation without regeneration!

Two signs, two roads but only one to get in town/
It’s like a toss up no shortcuts or middle ground/
One’s for those that are Christian/
While the other road’s filled with woes as it goes to perdition/
Let’s suppose the inscription, shows that it’s different/
One’s all about self, the other holds the description/
Of souls in submission, they don’t sound the same/
One’s bound for flames, the other rose in position.

Verse 2a: Evangel
Built on the Christ’ hope now empowered by the quilt/
Or comforter my filth is being killed as I tilt on this tightrope/
Balanced by grace/
In the face of all things that challenge my faith/
The loss of all things to be eternally blessed/
By the Fahter with no need for a paternity test/
Stressed, ‘cause going home is postponed/
Many try attacks on my high wire act, they throw stones/
Scoffers, that try to dismantle/
No luggage just my rugged cross I carry like Iverson’s handle/
A lot of men’s scandalous teachings/
I stand against heathens preaching with plans of deceiving/
I tell them sift through the maze, don’t sit in a daze/
Take your Mormon pearl of great price and get it appraised/
All will fail if it ain’t Christ the way/
Not different ways or you’ll be placed in an infinite blaze…

Verse 2b: Believin Stephen
Gas was getting low so I stopped at a pit stop/
Some dudes rhyming introduced me to hip-hop/
The message that sends that you can get a Benz/
Spend mad ends with friends and the fun never ends/
No boredom, touring, affording new Jordan’s/
Then I bumped into the rowdiest Mormon/
Quoting this from Joseph Smith/
He said we could become gods with holiness/
Yo, this was appealing it felt right with my feelings/
Next I seen a book with some Buddhists who was kneeling/
Wow I didn’t know that Buddah was agnostic/
He knew he wasn’t God plus he wasn’t a prophet/
The book I dropped it, let me stop it I’m cautious/
Hopped into my hot whip, jumped into the cock pit/
It’s unusual, these roads are suitable in cruise control/
These fools on the narrow road paying stupid tolls.


Verse 3a: Believin Stephen
I stopped and smoked a bong. Muslims with a koofi on/
Started hitch hiking so I let them roll along/
They spoke upon their faith and wanted to get to Mecca/
But I got tired of their five pillars and their lectures/
I’ll let you off when I get my Double Decker/
‘Cause y’all are annoying like Woody Woodpecker/
I’m confused by everyone selling religion so I’m yelling at villains/
I’m into relativism, so I’m relishing wisdom/
To speak of hell is forbidden/
I can tell you’re a victim of rebellious decisions/
Dag this road is getting awfully rocky like Stallone/
I’m alone conditions are sloppy; flat tire stopped me/
Was gonna hitch my way but then Triple A/
Came through to save the day, now everything’s okay/
Wow, its crazy but I can’t let it phase me/
The next exit is mine and it is called Hades…

Verse 3b: Evangel
No rich clout, this is a diss route/
This kid pouts with doubts/
There’s more ups and downs than the Swiss Alps/
It’s hectic for Christ I’m hated/
And the world treats me like an island and leaves me isolated/
But through my trust there’s just vindication/
The Kingdom of God is entered through much tribulation/
No feelings getting in the way/
I’m devoted to Christ, so all else is left behind like Tim Lahaye/
I’ll get a hundredfold like a roll of Ben Franklins/
Forget the carrots sin’s dangling for entangling/
And I don’t wanna take God’s grace for granted/
Give me strength to face the planet with faith to stand it/
And there’s so many cats out there/
That need to witness your love, the true love that casts out fear/
Not comfy, it’s bumpy, I can’t travel it easily/
Plus its so tight its squeezing me/
Like a funnel, unlike men that’s disgruntled/
I see the light at the end of the tunnel/
The Lord, withstood His face in person/
He said welcome and well done my good and faithful servant!