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Christ Centric - Powerful Parables
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

These are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning/
On its weight we should be heavily leaning/
Christ gave them to man as a statement of use/
Powerful parables illustrating His truth.

Verse 1:
There was a rich man luxurious wealth and property/
And Lazarus imploring his help in poverty/
Instead of giving gauze he would send his dogs to lick the sores/
Of this pauper outside his doors/
With no offer of grub just a ration/
In love with his stashing, the fashion of incompassion/
Denied, then came the day the man died/
And was carried by angels to Abraham’s side/
Now when the rich man’s health and his wealth was taken/
In hell he awakened and felt like he’s baking/
In flames that raged and can’t be gauged by Fahrenheit/
Amazed when he gazed and saw Lazarus in paradise/
He can’t fathom why Abraham has him/
And what separates is a great chasm/
Have mercy he’s cursed on this side of the border/
He’s thirsty, dip his fingertip to bring a sip of water/
Smoking with no emphysema/
And he couldn’t cool off if Lazarus brought a drink of Zima/
If memory serves correct he’d disrespect him/
And now they’re on the opposite ends of the spectrum/
His life was a big mishap and now it’s a wrap/
And it’s too late to bridge the gap/
He begged lay death aside/
Let Lazarus and this message rise, before the rest have died/
So they’d best decide, he replied/
They’d deny if his corpse stood up and testified/
Now burn for eternity with your soul disturbed/
Let the living behold those who hold my word/
When you’re rich and don’t benefit other men with it/
See the rich man and Lazarus that this can be hazardous/
Before it ends and your life’s regrettable/
Know this can be you and not hypothetical!


Verse 2:
A farmer proceeds to sow seeds in different soil/
To observe which herb grew and which would spoil/
And the path’s results of agriculture/
No increase the seeds a feast for a pack of vultures/
Some he’d throw around, try to sow it down in stony ground/
But only found that it lacked moisture/
They dried up and got fried up/
While other seeds were tied up in a thorn packed cloister/
No room for growth, like a rope noose/
Those soon were choked of no use/
The only produce he received was seed put down in good ground/
He that has an ear here’s the understood sound/
See the path is the heart where the truth was heard/
And its power was devoured by the swooping birds/
The devil takes away the planted seed so they can’t believe/
Nothing more than fantasies/
Heard the lies and the Word arised from his unfertilized phony start/
Now to the stony heart/
They grasp the truth, but with hard hearted attributes/
They absolutely lack the roots/
So there’s joy for a time until their hearts are tried/
And trouble starts to rise and they apostasize/
An unrepentant heart cinder block, can’t give a crop/
‘Cause the seed’s on top and not in the rock/
The seed in the thorns that I’ve spoken about/
Is when you caught up in the world and its choking it out/
Blinded to do the truth revealed/
Because the group that you feel needs the Heimlich maneuver/
While the earth that bears fruit/
Is the heart given to birth to hear truth and persevere/
‘Cause the heart’s the issue it has no worth/
To plant seeds in some artificial Astroturf.