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Christ Centric - Sufficiency of Scripture
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Evangel
Today His Word’s diluted, sin germ polluted
And there’s no importance placed on hermeneutics
Yet we defend our fleshly pretense
Churches search for an esoteric experience
In the book that He authored
The Scriptures, give us a more sure word, so let’s look at what’s offered
It’s awkward, there’s no gimmicks
By His Word He spoke and created man in His own image
By His Word He created the heavens for display
And they’re still stating His presence to this day
By it He promised life
The logos that took flesh, and was put to death as the incarnate Christ
The universe is vast that his Word sustains
Heaven and earth shall pass but His word remains
By His Word, the Lord healed—from His talking
No gangbanger though He invented the crip-walking
A sword when temptations are given
The Lord Christ sliced and answered thrice “it is written!”
What thus saith—God said
We should live by it and not bread to get our chops fed.

Sufficiency of Scripture how it used to be a fixture
Now it’s swirled into a world mixture
Expose the fallacy of this mentality
Lord, restore Your word to its centrality!

Verse 2: Evangel
Stop being ignorant when bondage occurred
He sent His Word to the prophets for deliverance
Yet my mind marvels
How the gospel today’s been reduced to a left behind novel
In this contemporary Christian trend
Many think evangelism is a fish emblem
Nothing but blues that trouble our pews
Unless on the Word we show dependence like W2’s
That’s the object true faith comes from God’s writ
Not logic that some squads spit
His Word’ll suffice for a subservient life to Christ
Giving perfect advice—We should read it
Explains the blessings and reproof that’s needed
Contains the necessary truth—We should eat it
Sweet like honey but it’s funny in the tummy
It’s bitter once we consider to heed it!

Verse 3: Q-D.O.G.
‘Cause He breathed it, every word and syllable
Preserved it, made it unkillable
This transmittal of Holy Writ
Christ promised it would never pass away, not jot or tittle
But its pitiful, how we choose to use it
To be literal, none wants to be accused of it
See they refuse it, the responsibility
Of making preach the Word the mark of their ministry
But this is what Paul taught to Timothy
To stress anything less, is expressing our enmity
We’re tempted to be, all that and then some
Using a bag of tricks for men to come and win some
But the answer lies behind the lie
That God’s not El Shaddai who rules earth and skies
And that salvations not a sovereign grace applied
To those elected, for the world was comprised!


Verse 4: Q-D.O.G.
The church today is on the downgrade
‘Cause the Word today is getting downplayed
This was the message that Spurgeon urged when
Men compromised doctrine for ecumenical merging
Searching for innovations to relate
To make their congregations more acceptable to those skeptical
‘Cause preaching the whole counsels ineffectual
At keeping those who are peeping Christ—they need a spectacle
But the question is thus
For all matters of life and conduct, are the Scriptures enough?
God is calling your bluff
Only your doctrinal thesis believes this certain pieces you snuff
Such, as total depravation, predestination
True salvation means repentance is a mark of regeneration
Or revelations cessation
Not believing only certain men had inspirations ordination
They seek a direct word, this is blasphemous
Holy men died so the Word could be passed to us
This is tragedous, you need to apologize
Instead of the Word, you prescribe and psychologize
Beloved, its hazardous treating the Word with such deficiency
But at His coming we’ll see His sufficiency.