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Christ Centric - No Excuse
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

You got no excuse, what if I ain’t never heard the gospel?
No excuse! How could God condemn me to hell?
No excuse! The judgment of sin is death/
Which means that when Adam fell all mankind fell!

Verse 1:
It’s ok Adam disobeyed not us, but we’re still joined from his loins and his groin/
You can’t flip like a coin and think you ain’t related/
Since they’re the first human beings/
Everything they did, is imputed to us and we are all guilty/
If we cleaned up our mess it’s still called filthy/
Let me illustrate our righteousness is a waste/
We’d have to compete with Christ like righteousness was a race/
And we couldn’t tie it up like a noose/
We don’t even have to train how to come in last like a caboose/
There’s no excuse, God demands perfection/
And we won’t even embrace His hands correction/
We’re going in the other direction/
He’s east and like cowboy movies we’re western/
Let’s turn to the facts to the max/
Adam was the root and we’re his fruit but Christ is the axe/
Hear me listeners let’s put it all on the line/
Does the truth of God’s word ever dawn on your mind/
We’re born in decline without divine ascension/
It took divine intervention for hell’s prevention/
You better pay attention, did I forget to mention/
Jesus Christ the only way to an eternal life pension/
Achieved through repentance it’s certain that we fell/
We don’t have to pay the sentence of eternity in hell/
We can’t compute when God brings the data back/
Matter fact we blind with spiritual cataracts/
This is in love I bid you God’s speed/
Trying to tell others how to walk straight and spiritually knockneed!


Verse 2:
This is a harvest where we reap souls/
All the ones who respond are those chose in the sheepfold/
Of the good shepherd so we rep and step with/
His word and let it seize you like epileptics/
And even skeptics can’t resist His will/
Imbeciles and infants on Enfamil/
You’re guiltybefore the start of your birth/
Know this, I don’t care if you in the remotest part of the earth/
Humanity’s profanity part of the curse/
‘Cause of the first human who put his heart in a hearse/
And left the pleasures of communion with God/
Now we bad on our inside stuff like Ahmad Rashad/
On a collision course with death, we know really that/
We need the blood of Jesus like a hemophiliac/
Without that, you’re decaying your health/
Just like a game of solitaire because you’re playing yourself/
But God won’t violate your free will but understand your free will is evil/
‘Cause no man seeks God, that goes for the intellectuals down to mentally retards/
There’s nothing we can do to save our case/
From the judge truly saved by grace/
I don’t need a subpoena to get a witness/
That sin in man is a sickness and got us on God’s hit list/
The sinful tactics we practice/
We can’t even yield to God’s word like it’s oncoming traffic/
And that’s the ultimate proof, He said His word is truth/
Yet we got the alternate truth/
You weren’t even here yet you got the whole story/
And it doesn’t make sense (sniff, sniff) like potpourri/
Man believes the fictionary like the tooth fairy/
Because the truth’s scary, so we want to act like Luke Perry/
Like we ain’t heard of God/
Or better yet heard the Word of God/
Out of the heart flows the issues/
Maybe we would’ve done the same as Adam if we were in his shoes/
There’s no question that probably that/
We would have done the same thing just like a copy cat/
At since God’s all powerful/
We got no excuse and he’s holding us all accountable.