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Christ Centric - Psalm 8
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

O Lord, how great is Your name/
O Lord, how great is Your name/
O Lord, how great is Your name/
In all the earth!

Verse 1:
Let all of the redeemed state and proclaim/
O Lord, our Lord, how great is Your name/
We come with reverence, no public presence/
Needed to see Your glory rests above the heavens/
Your love for peasants is inescapable/
Capable to ordain strength from the weak and incapable/
We bask in Your triumphant glow/
How You bestow the violence to go and silence the foe/
So we can see with our optics/
We rest safer in Your hands than a black box in airplane cockpits/
‘Cause You’re all the remedy, you cause falls for enemies/
Like Oswald took the fall for Kennedy/
From the earth You made, with admiration/
You’re worth the praise from nursing babes, no exaggeration/
The perks we’re blessed with blossom/
And got me so humbled by Your awesome majestic works/
The constellations, it’s embarrassing/
For earth dwellers arrogance, verse stellar comparison/
You’re magnificent thrust of favor/
To the insignificant that’s just a vapor/
Thus, by Your hand we arose, from dust, man cannot boast/
We just lower than the angelic hosts/
Plus You came in descension from heaven to earth/
Now what’s the worth of man that we should claim your attention!


Verse 2:
Made lower than the heavenlies/
When the Rock was cleft for us, and suffered death for His enemies/
On the cross men were pardoned/
The Lord’s kingdom restored dominion that was lost in the garden/
You crowned Christ with glory and honor/
So all the lost fish can flock to His blood like piranha/
Sin You defeated with a wonderful feat/
Now like arches, everything is under His feet/
Many men think otherwise, so be it/
We walk by faith even if we don’t see it/
To Jesus we yield, a word to the wise/
Even the birds of the skies and beasts of the field/
‘Cause He paid for our shortcomings/
So we sinners won’t be brought to judgment like a court summons/
Lord, You took away the weight of the fall/
Now You save when we call the name greater than all/
Lord, You took away the weight of the fall/
Now You save when we call, Your names greater than all.