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Mars ILL - Say So
(from the album Pro Pain)
© copyright 2006

Would you throw up your hands, throw up your hands

Ha ha ha, ha ha ha
one time

Verse 1:
I’m extending an invitation to join hands/
I remember intimidating these boy bands/
My position is recognize at a distance/
What a gift the twist is centered to the bboy stance/
Outside a radio prison bubble—I wield a pick and a shovel/
Forever given them trouble—leave the originals struggle/
Reconstruct the puzzle—make the bare minimums double/
Motivate the common man with my brand of hustle/
Shhhhh, while you were sleeping i was writing this/
In the style of a tiger fist/
Of fury still smashing in your microchips/
It's fine to listen and take a minute to stand there/
But let's not be impressed with melodrama and fanfare/
My skin is thick so you can't tear it open/
Hold a dagger to my back or whatever weapon you holding/
Never letting you go until it's dead done and over/
You can post it on the internet, try to get you some closure/
You a poster child for wasted talent, that's the thing i hate about it/
We the people's choice and you don't even make the ballot/
You see the truth and you pace around it dunny/
You think you driven a car but you a crash test dummy.

Welcome to the brand new game show/
It goes hey yo, nobody move till i say so/
Break yoself (break yoself), and add it to your payroll/
Hey yo, nobody move till i say so/
You in this from the eighth row for minimum pesos/
Hey yo, nobody move till i say so/
You feeling this? Yes, well good then I’m a make mo'/
Hey yo, nobody move till i say so.

Verse 2:
No need for alarm—see I’m not meaning you harm/
This ain’t my throne I’m just keeping it warm/
A lot of people, they done seen me perform/
Between the weak and the strong/
Inside my spirit where emceeing is bond/
We gathered you here for a reason, seeing is believing/
And you thinking you need to keep your hands to the ceiling/
Please, nobody move and nobody get hurt, man/
Don't do nothing ‘til I tell you about it firsthand/
And you can call me nothing special at a first glance/
But that's the difference from a last to a first dance/
I can't keep you all captive but my words can/
Give me just a moment and I'll show you how it works fam/
Throw me all your attention and don't get sidetracked/
Don't try to slip in any fake smiles or dime packs/
Holding you hostage is a victimless crime, black/
As long as I can do it with my vocals and a fly track/
Mix knowledge with occasional wisecracks/
And watch god hold your spirits like a wine rack/
This very second is the reason why I write raps/
After these messages I’ll be right back.