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Cross Movement - Now Who's Da Man
(from the album HIStory)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1: Phanatik
You probably heard them screaming Worthy is the Lamb/
But I bet you never heard that He certainly is the Man/
The church isn’t the only turf that He commands/
The earth is His and sits at the circumference of His hand/
It will be absurd to use these words about a man/
But if He’s more than just a man than its worship that He demands/
And if it’s worship that He demands then He’s worth it/
Then we should probably hand it over/
But no one deserves worship unless He’s perfect/
So what am I saying about this Person/
If He’s perfect this Person deserves more than just my verses/
He deserves my lifestyle to change my slang without the curses/
So that’s how I’ma bang with Him now watch my faithful service/
From a heart that will boost Him up the charts and rank Him first/
‘Cause this world will leave Him last and they’ll laugh and won’t alert us/
To the fact that life without Him on top will only hurt us/
And leave our families following in lines behind those hearses.

Let me let you know I’m with Him/
‘Cause there ain’t nobody higher than Him/
There ain’t nobody flyer than Him/
That’s why I’m riding with Him (Who’s da Man?)

Verse 2: Phanatik
I’ve seen cats with hard hearts trying to spit that raw/
Fist balled click packed in a riff raff song/
Playing instigating how they can get that soft/
Throwing G’s like “I like how you did that dog”/
Beating your chest showing your six pack off/
Stepping on the strip watching the other cliques back off/
Quick to let that click clack kick back hard/
Braking these cats off like they was Kit Kat bars/
But I don’t think your gat can spit that far/
To hit the God who sits back in His big backyard/
His doormat is where the big phat stars/
Shine in the night sky His crib’s that large/
When He flexes they’ll call all bets off/
Hearts will melt wet and turn wet dish rag soft/
The same Man that had to lift that cross/
Is God in the flesh that’s why I’m with that boy.


Verse 3: Phanatik
We come predisposed to being close to God/
Coast to coast we are foes got a phobia/
Of the Most High He is Holy our souls are not/
And we refuse to live with Him and so die/
But Jesus is not so no He’s not/
He’s the only begotten of the only God/
Had life before birth He just borrowed the womb/
Plus life after the hearse He only borrowed the tomb/
They say death comes in threes/
But the Son was done with death in three days when He raised up and won with ease/
Death had Him pinned like 1-2-3/
But on the third He flipped it and left death screaming “Uncle Please”/
This is God incognito low key steelo wrapped inside underneath/
And still running things instead of running with Him/
They rather run with these G’s who run the streets/
That’s funny like seeing kids playing saying who they wanna be/
But the one they wanna be is a wannabe/
The highest man that you know is an underling/
To Jesus all praise unto Thee.