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Christ Centric - What's it Worth
(from the album The Reformation)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Q-D.O.G.
Something to make you think about how you living right now/
Lyrical spiritual insight to write down/
Repent of your sins, turn to Christ before He strikes down/
Your empire, you’ll never be coming back/
Your entire existence is in fire/
You is a liar, your throat is an open grav/
Hoping to save your life before it expires/
Filled with exhilarating pleasures/
Inoculating intoxicating yourself with earthly treasures/
Beyond measure, your sins are piling fast/
Stored for fiery wrath for your reviling laugh/
It’s not up for debating/
You are irritating the creator with your player, player narrating/
And now its time to pay the piper/
‘Cause you never gave Christ His propers up in your cipher/
Talking about you was a lifer/
Yeah, that’s right, a life of sin that ends up in eternal Rikers/
Chained and shackled, ‘cause you was letting the blunt crackle/
Instead of the Son tackle, your sin debacle/
The heart of man before God is evil continuously/
In a contentious sensuous upheaval/
Not submitting to what He has said/
Or commanded, man stranded up in his dread/
But just when, we was powerless over sin/
Christ died for men the only mediator between man and creator/
Who alone can stand before the throne of the arbitrator/
Holy and just, He must punish sin/
Pleased Him to smitten His Son and punish Him/
For man’s peace, and those who run from west to east/
And tremble in the Spirit quickened and nimble/
To turn from sin, grafted in His Holy temple/
A member of Him and making baptism the symbol/
And now to assemble, congregating with those elating/
Over Christ and not shedding light with God hating/
And for His coming now we’re waiting.

What’s it worth if the world was yours/
If you rapped on stage to girls hurling draws/
And got the brothers in the back making applause/
We’re still going to hell for breaking the laws!

Verse 2: Evangel
The folly of not letting His Word train the brain like a trolley/
You’re not sheep you’re Dolly/
Talk is cheap trying to floss your fleece/
A child of wrath trying to live out the cross’ peace/
No one’s good stop man’s bragging/
We’re on the damned dragon’s antagonistic bandwagon/
It’s not how you outwardly appear/
‘Cause God still sees your underwear like your pants sagging/
For sin God is still mad at men/
And you can’t fix that with your six pack abdomen/
I hope y’all learning/
Christ copped the acquittal/
And your exercise profits little like small earnings/
God is so vexed, from His wrath nothing protects/
It’s hopeless, trying to extend your life with a bowflex/
Give the Lord His, we’re lawless/
The majority’s living for deceased tenants of the oval office/
You can be white from a crimson flow/
And know that life’s not pimps and hoes or instant doe/
We all fail the debt so, we’re in jail on deathrow/
And can’t pay our bail with escrow/
No green or stockbonds/
Your life’s here for a minute then it’s gone like Hasim Rahman/
For where your treasure is your trust is kept/
It should be stored up in heaven free from rust and theft!

What’s it worth if your account was full/
You earned money to burn with the amounts you pull/
Got overflowing pockets that’s bountiful/
And go to hell ‘cause your still held accountable!

Verse 3: Apologist
Yo Q, what’s up? We got to pray for this nation/
So God can raise men to proclaim His salvation/
America itself is in need for a revival/
We got to repent and heed the words of the Bible/
‘Cause man in this land and throughout the earth/
Want to beef with my God at the moment of birth/
From the womb to the tomb we’re doomed to act loon/
Living life in a war like cats in Platoon/
I don’t have to say much turn on your TV/
And see how sin infects like VD/
We despise the Lord because we love our sin/
The whole globe is into hating Him/
We are slanderers, boastful, haters of God/
Insolent, arrogant, yo and shedders of blood/
Without understanding, inventors of evil/
Depraved, unloving, unmerciful people.

What’s it worth if you’re fooling man/
But still have to answer the One that rules the land/
What a foolish plan because you’ll get damned/
To straight bake in the lake with no cooling fan.