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Flame - My City
(from the album 13 Letters)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
Let me tell you about my city little home that’s if you ain’t read/
Where the practice black magic and speak to the dead/
Minds fried like bleach to the head/
From the stuff being preached by the Greeks if you read/
Our main attraction is our main distraction/
Thanks for asking actually I can’t stand her/
Who is she? She draws every man/
And every woman from every land/
To her temple of Diana /
She’s regarded as a sacred goddess/
One of the 7 wonders of the world/
Its obvious that Christ-lessness in my city/
To worship a many-breasted mummy-looking girl/
Under the Romans my city is free/
So you can only imagine that’s going on/
That’s why believers here in Ephesus have no choice/
But cling to the throne.

Verse 2:
When we got the letter from Paul my dawg was locked in chains/
This was the means by which the doctrine came/
It was the teaching explaining the gospel man/
From the Apostle Paul written to all the saints/
In Ephesus he started off with some definitions/
Explicitly written for Christians/
He made it plain it wasn’t a plan B/
He predestined to a portion of some of humanity/
Through His own Son for His own glory/
Through His Son’s blood said he was praying for us/
That our eyes will see the hope of the call/
The riches of glory His inheritance He has is us all/
Said we are saved by grace through faith/
Faith’s a gift so faith through grace/
In light of that we shouldn’t live like we used to/
It’s crucial that we don’t do what we used to do.

Verse 3:
It blessed our hearts to read/
How God revealed to Paul this mystery/
How we were far from God with no peace/
We can’t lie dawg we been foul/
Cats might even know us Gentiles/
In other words we are not Jewish/
We’d still be dead in our sin if God did not do this/
Tear down the wall between Jews and Gentiles/
Praise God now I can be His child/
Now we can walk in unity with no beef/
And keep the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace/
And share our gifts as we edify one another/
No harsh joking being corrupt lying on each other/
Putting off the old man and putting on the new/
In our marriages families even on our jobs/
The new nature affecting every area of our lives/
The whole armor is applied ‘cause we’re soldiers for God.