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Soldier the Brainchyld - A Lost World
(from the album The Paradox)
© copyright 2008

We're in pursuit of searching for truth/
Every man's a sinner, fact is we've been damned every since our youth/
But since Christ took the cross we can be raised to life/
I pray when this song is done you grab hold of this sight.

Verse 1:
To pursue the Christ is the main goal/
And I'm not concerned with speaking the same old/
We dwell in last times and hearts are colder than black ice/
While you're searching for the spotlight, trying to rock mics/
Genesis 3 explains we're unworthy in God's sight/
We reside in street life, the fact is the world needs sight/
I'm the spiritual lyricist, I candidly preach Christ/
And I've come to the conclusion the Earth is not truly home/
How else do you explain why brothers scheme to kill they own/
It's plain to see, young girls search for love with no place to take it/
We try to find purpose in life with no means to chase it/
I serve Christ fervently, I live for those who never made it/
Slice hearts like a Caesarian 'cause the world needs a facelift/
The Word of Life told me I'm covered in His grace/
Christ endured the cross that's why I'm living in faith/
Proceed to write rhymes and I'm living the sight/
While young cats spit raps deal crack at cheap price/
Life is forever changing from the past to present tense/
'Cause the world is need of a resurrection like Common Sense.


Verse 2:
Brothers got questions like, "What's wrong with the earth/
Everyday shots disperse and young cats found dead in the hearse"/
The United States is headed for destruction and dirt/
There's no hope in the world because all have sinned/
Christ took my place on the cross that's why I'm basking in Him/
There's no doubt in my mind the Earth is far from its purpose/
That's why I preach Christ in rhyme and in worship/
One out of three blacks have been domestically played/
One out of ten in society been affected with AIDS/
Fact is the issues I observe is real/
Romans 1:24 is truly fulfilled/
Young brothers in society slaughter blacks for C.R.E.A.M./
I want to make Christ my portion and chase my dreams/
I preach Christ fervently to pursue the Savior is the mission/
'Cause we're tainted in our souls and we're blinded by the system/
I zone out on the mic while you were chasing the fame/
'Cause when it comes to hiphop I'm making the change.