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Trip Lee - To Live Is Christ
(from the album 13 Letters)
© copyright 2007

Verse 1:
Brethren listen to this exposition/
Paul wrote the Philippians some lessons for living/
Written to them but its real good text for Christians/
So read it closely, I hope we can catch the vision/
Chapter 1 he tells them he's blessed to get them/
Co-laboring with him to serve the best who's risen/
And that's he's confident the Lord will perfect in Christians/
What He started and hearts will be corrected in them/
Listen, he was in prison now maybe never getting out/
But all he could think about was the gospel getting out/
Some was even preaching Christ from selfish motives/
Coming at Paul but dawg he shrugged his shoulders/
His focus was Christ the Messiah man/
And for Him "to live is Christ and to die was gain"/
Yeah, he was hard pressed, but to remain in the flesh/
Was more necessary so they faith would progress/
He wanted them to strive together for the gospel/
In one spirit, one mind, listen to the apostle/
Maintain the same love, uplift your brothers/
Don't just look out for yourself, but for the interests of others.

Our life is nothing, but Christ is all/
So conduct yourselves worthy of His righteous call
(Repeat 4X)

Verse 2:
Chapter 2: Let's examine five through eleven/
The blessed lamb who resided in the Heavens/
Said forget the wealth and emptied Himself/
Came as a man and died for the brethren/
Ultimate obedience, he died on the cross and/
Through His humility Christ was exalted/
Glory to the Father, now we should have/
That same attitude Christ Jesus had/
And on to verse twelve work out your salvation/
The Father works in us in this process of saving/
Avoid dispute and prove yourself blameless/
Children of God in a perverse generation/
Cling to the bible, humility is vital/
We see it in lives of Paul and his disciples/
Serving him like father, some fellow soldiers/
Let us rejoice, unite, and rep Jehovah.


Verse 3:
Chapter 3: rejoice in the Lord we serve/
And forget about the flesh we nothing more than dirt/
Man if anyone could brag bout they past it was Paul/
But to him it was trash it and he counted it as lost/
For the sake of the Christ, 'cause He gave us life/
Not through anything we did but through faith in Christ/
We righteous in the eyes of the Lord's that's blessing/
Conformed to His death and His resurrection/
Brethren, I don't claim to have attained perfection's /
What he said but was reaching to what lies ahead/
And encouraged the Philippians to model what he said/
And not to walk in the flesh cause that walk is dead/
But we citizens of Heaven who eagerly wait for/
The one that we rest in Jesus our Savior/
That's who the Lord is and He will surely/
Transform our bodies in future glory.


Verse 4:
Chapter 4: he closes encouraging with words/
In unity and harmony for those within the church/
Rejoice in the Lord, bro our hopes in Him first/
Let our thanks and our problems be known to Him first/
Embrace the peace of God, you can bet on that/
And whatever is good let your mind dwell on that/
Then he thanked them again, for they gifts and concern/
But no matter what to be content he had learned/
Plus he was sure that he could do all things/
Through Him who gave strength and can do all things/
And he told them they did well sharing through all pain/
And made sure they knew he sure he wasn't trying to get more change/
God will supply all they needs he hoped they might see this/
According to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus/
The truth of Philippians I hope it hit you/
And may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you/
I hope you like what you heard with me rapping these verses/
But don't get it twisted, we just scratching the surface/
There's more to be learned than this rap is saying/
So read it, live it, learn it like the back of your hand.