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shai linne - Through My Eyes
(from the album The Atonement)
© copyright 2008

Verse 1:
I’m in the middle of a sticky situation- literally
My blood’s dripping to a sickening degree
Who can speak of the agony? Legions attacking me
Beaten and raggedy, weakened through battery
With scraps of shrapnel in my back
I’m slapped, trapped- as a pack of strapped jackals attack
Ever look into the eyes of one who longs for your homicide?
If it’s your time to die, is it wrong to be traumatized?
No urge to protect- curses burst from their breath
They stress I’m worthless, worthy of death and furnaces
From searching the text, they’ve perverted their steps
(They) prefer to neglect their virtuous rep- their threats are murderous
I’m viewed as unworthy- bruised and abused
By bloodthirsty dudes who refuse to love mercy
Perceiving through battered eyes a large crowd seething
Who won’t be satisfied until my heart stops beating.

Their eyes are telling me they want me dead
Their hunger for my blood must be fed
No one to intervene on my behalf
No one should have to walk along this path

Verse 2:
I’m frightened, scared like eyeing the hypest bear or lion
I’m quite aware I’m dying- the sight is terrifying
No breaks, no way to escape from the horror
The weight of a hateful fate straight from the Torah
Some of the guys beat me- broke up my nose
One of my eyes completely closed from the blows
Disrobed from my clothes- my shame is evident
Beholding my foes’ insane malevolence
With hearts set on monstrous violence, pompous tyrants
Got the go ahead from Pontius Pilate
So now I’m a victim- a classic case of
The implications of man’s wicked imagination
His bitter agitation and twisted fascination
With assassinations through vivid lacerations
And now for the epitome of true affliction
Ladies and gentleman: welcome to my crucifixion.

Everything’s moving in slow motion
My tear’s a stream, but my blood’s an ocean
I’m far beyond the point of acting tough
The end can’t come fast enough

Verse 3:
The climax of my auditory horror story
No need for me to explore the gory in my oratory
Condemned by the high saddity deprived of pity
Two others crucified with me outside the city
Religious leadership offended by what I did there
I’m surrendered, stripped bear- suspended in mid-air
So everybody traveling the road to Jerusalem
Can look at us and see what the Romans will do to them
The shame of it- veins uncovered
Terrain rugged- nothing explains the pain suffered
Adequately, catastrophe as bad as can be
As gradually my life passes from me
Voices speaking blasphemously; subliminal
Reality means the physical is minimal
If you ask of me the principal?
I’m getting what I deserve ‘cause actually I’m a criminal.

It was the right verdict for my trial
There’s no more time to be in denial
I’m trying to understand the illest riddle
Who’s this man next to me in the middle?
His gracious words help me really see Him
“Lord, remember me when you get Your kingdom”
And I’m astounded when Jesus replies
“Today you’ll be with me in paradise”