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shai linne - Throne of Grace
(from the album The Atonement)
© copyright 2008

Heavenly Father, it’s in the name of Jesus I pray/
He is the way- for His sake, please receive what I say/
First things first, blessed be Your holy name/
There’s none like You, You stand alone and you reign/
Lord, You know my frame, You remember that I’m dust/
Jesus, who overcame- it’s in Him I put my trust/
No confidence in the flesh, it’s obvious I’m a mess/
No doubt, much more a mess than what I can see manifest/
I confess that I daily fall short of Your glory/
I’ve failed so many times- my sin’s always before me/
I take time to ponder the opportunities I’ve squandered/
And how I’m prone to wander from here to yonder/
My foolish, restless heart clings to dear idols/
Which could never satisfy me- they’re mere trifles/
Like David said, You hem me in behind and before/
You convict me of the sin that I’ve been trying to ignore/
Lord, you see my immaturity, You see my insecurity/
You see all my impurity- how long will You endure with me/
My heart’s laid before You- stark naked, undressed/
I pray that You would become greater and that I’d become less/
Yes, when I see Jesus and His inherent loveliness/
I’m reminded of my own comparative nothingness/
And actually, I’m as primitive as can be/
Compared to His magnificent, infinite majesty/
You’ve shown me the glory of Christ, He’s so holy/
My only hope is that You look upon the lowly/
So I humble myself as I appear at Your throne/
Not based on my righteousness, but Christ’s merits alone/
I’m crying out for mercy as I magnify Your name/
You amplified the pain of the Lamb of God who was slain/
So truly, I only have one request that’ll suit me/
Please open up my eyes to better behold His beauty.