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T-Bone - Straight Up Psycho
(from the album Tha life of a hoodlum)

I'm a straight-up psycho, sick in the head
lynchin' them demons with a gat, with a Christian style that's phat
I be that straight-up psycho, sick in the head
lynchin' them demons with a bat... [rat-tat-tat-tat]

...goes my gat, when I be pushing up on them demons that be on the steel...and that's for
real, I'm knockin them demons out like Holyfield well buc-buc-buc, I hear some demons
try to flex and now they're gone, cuz them demons tried to do me wrong like lyin' tell me
that Jesus didn't love me yo and that He wasn't then I stole upon his grizill, I got
upon my knees and started lynchin' that demon with a spiritual praya', just like in the
Rugged Rhyme Saya': "Demons try to step and get struck on the dome or grill, so chill,
before I get buck wild, cuz I'm a..." straight up psycho, kinda like Michael Myers, I'm
eatin' up the devil like Dreyer's ice cream, if you know what I mean, and I got a bald head
just like Mr. Clean, 'cause I'm clean from the sin, got the Holy Ghost within of my soul so I
run, 'cause the blood of the Son was shed, and bled so that we could be forgiven, now I
be shankin' up all them demons like a turkey on Thanksgivin' -- word is bond, I broke the
devil's arm so ring the alarm, I conquer demons just like Babylon conquered Judah, I don't
praise Buddha, don't smoke that hooda, and just like Das EFX I'm comin' straight out the
sewa', but newa, then the stuff I had last year, with no fear I step up to that demon and I
beat 'em down, with a rugged sound coming straight from the underground, demons try to
step, I'll peel their caps....cuz I'm a straight up psycho... I don't know how to act cuz I'm
goin' insane in the brain... it's the type of lunatic they can't maintain, the psychopathic Latin
causin' racket. Demons couldn't calm me with a straight-jacket...packin a Bible every
single day of my life, 'cause 1-2-3...the devil's after T...Bone on the micro-phone every
day, so I pray-pray-pray until my hair turns gray, I turn away from sin and choose the path
that's narrow, duckin' and dodgin the devil's arrows that he be throwin' in my direction, but
my protection is in Jesus Christ so I do not need a gang or a crew, so wat you gonna do
cuz the devil's after you, padna... chee-yah...