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shai linne - The Gospel
(from the album The Atonement)
© copyright 2008

It’s interesting what emcees go out of their way to mention/
All day on the radio- sin without flinching/
Some have a penchant for dissention or perhaps some invention/
On how they fared at the latest player’s convention/
Intention might as well be salvation prevention/
Soul food cooking up in hell’s kitchen- smell the stench and/
Then you got the neo-soul poetry slam pretention/
Quote-unquote “conscious” emcees speak on lynchings/
In the next sentence brag about how they got the game clinched and/
Thug cats chronicle ghetto tension/
All of this is just the physical extension of the spiritual dimension/
But now we’re talking about redemption/
‘Cause nothing’s more important than the state of your soul/
Not the way that you roll or the weight that you hold/
The “cake” that you sold will make you go straight to the hole/
Awaiting parole- now tell me who’s taking control/
We’re breaking the mold for real, not your typical youth/
Dropping Biblical truth with analytical proof/

So one for the purity, two for the unity/
Three for the faith and four for humility/
I get up on the mic and speak on man’s inability/
To come to God on his own and cats ain’t feeling me/
Man cheated on God like Bill did to Hilary/
And got the nerve to beef when He breaks out heavy artillery/
The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven/
Against all the godlessness and viciousness/
Of hypocrites who suppress the truth in wickedness/
Since what may be known about God is plain to them/
Because He made it plain to them in their craniums/
You can’t look at nature and not see God’s glory/
His infinite being manifested in His story/
From the farthest reaches of the universe/
Back to earth which has in fact been cursed/
Because of sinful man trying to make mockery/
Of God’s grace with lying, hate and debauchery/
Greed, jealousy, strife, evil/
All types of people live life that’s illegal/
They’re senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless/
Intense, this opaqueness and darkness- no excuses/
We glamorize sin and slander wise men/
Analyze the ten commandments- any surprise then/
God hates these things and He’s not budging/
If you live like this, how will you escape God’s judgment/
Somebody said, “But wait, I’m a good person, ughh/
I‘m not a murderer, perjurer or burglar” /
Consider the standard by which you measure your goodness don’t flatter/
Yourself- for real, only one opinion matters/
That’s God’s and He says that no one is good/
Whether priest or common hood, far east to Hollywood/
Doesn’t make a difference- what will it take for you to listen to me/
God has spoken and this is the decree/

All have sinned and fall short of the glory/
Of Yahweh- sovereign over all territories/
Perfectly holy, righteous eternally/
Infinite knowledge, He reigns universally/
Unfathomable understanding- He’s got this/
Pure, perfection personified- spotless/
Everywhere at once, supreme superiority/
How dare the creature usurp His authority/
You have any idea who you’re dealing with/
Sooner or later, everybody will be feeling it/
Without perfection, we will never enter His presence/
Or taste heaven’s essence- spiritual effervescence/
Sinners can’t afford God telling them to stay out/
Grim situation- I think we need a way out/
Look! To the rescue it’s Jesus Christ/
Holding in His right hand the keys to life/
God in the flesh giving all He had to give/
He lived the perfect life that no other man can live/
Fulfilling what was spoken through the prophet’s faith/
So that on Judgment Day, a swap takes place/
Jesus got the punishment- believers get eternal life/
And all you got to do is place your trust in Christ/
That’s the good news and not everybody can hear it/
But those God chose get drawn by His Spirit/
Don’t take my word for it, take your Bible off the shelf/
Blow the dust off of it and read it for yourself/
Prepare to get the key that unlocks the mystery/
Of life, victory awaits and this is what you’ll see/
That truth and perception rarely ever coincide/
Christ’s arms are open wide, go inside/
If you’re unsaved listening to this the Great Physician/
Has got the medicine- He’s knocking at your door- let Him in/
And you can sit down and have a meal together/
That’s my word, in His presence, keep it real forever!