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Christ Centric - The Answer
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

When you need someone to talk to, Jesus/
When you need someone to lean on, Jesus/
When you need someone to turn to, Jesus/
Christ, we bust mics in Your name for Your sacrifice!

Verse 1: Evangel
Some brothers praise others that ain’t half as nice/
No names, they’ll come to find out in the flames/
Every knee shall bow and tongue confess/
That Jesus Christ is Lord and nothing less/
Too late to claim Him as Your Savior/
If you walked the earth with your satanic behavior/
See, I don’t care about where I’m from only where I’m headed/
I said it, now don’t you forget it/
But yet it wasn’t promised that I would breathe/
I wear my Christianity on my sleeve, you best believe/
See I’m on an “on ‘til the end” mission/
Afraid of no grave since I’m saved a born again Christian/
Living for Him, He died for me on Calvary/
Hard is how it be, but no time for cowardry/
I got to press on like Lee nails/
I got the victory in His blood so I’ll just prevail/
See the devil tells tales to get you disillusioned/
But God is not the author of confusion/
Using my shield of faith to combat each attack/
Tell him, “he’s been defeated and my Lord will be back!”/
And that being proclaimed will put that man to shame/
The enemy flees because he can’t stand the name/
Of Jesus, the recognized Son of God/
Represent the main event and not the undercard/
Peter Piper picked peppers but Christ picked my life/
Out of darkness and brought me to His marvelous light/
It can be dark in this life, but I know that my Father is Light/
To keep us bright through Jesus Christ.