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shai linne - School Daze
(from the album The Atonement)
© copyright 2008

Most Honorable Superintendent, I’ve prepared my report/
And to the best of my abilities, I will share my thoughts/
By the time I get through describing the situation/
I’m confident that You’ll follow my recommendation/
What I write is describing a crisis/
I’ve never in my life witnessed a high school like this/
That’s no exaggeration- only a wild imagination/
Can fathom congratulations at a graduation/
I don’t know if they’re smart or not, but before I could start to jot/
I saw some students in the parking lot sparking pot/
I reached the front entrance- before I got in the door/
My nose was greeted by the smell of urine on the floor/
Up the corridor, I heard a faint roar/
Reached back and felt my wallet in my pocket just to make sure/
My heart was unsettled and restless/
As I quietly observed the ghetto inspectors with metal detectors/
For fear of gun carriers, all-out hysteria/
Blockades and barriers in various areas/
It looked like a war zone and I’m appalled to say/
All they do is play or roam the hallways all day/
The classrooms that had kids wee straight pandemonium/
Every class I went to- nobody had control of them/
Cats had no heart, in fact it was so dark/
You’d have been scared if you had a bat and you were Joe Clark/
Foul speech abounds; while leeches scrounge/
Vile leaders even sneak around in the teacher’s lounge/
Looked in the courtyard, saw some burning crosses/
Interrupted, I heard curses tossed from the nurse’s office/
I’m not sure what developed there/
But heard something about students on welfare denied health care/
Many of the girls were already impregnated/
Cafeteria segregated, people separated/
In fact it was legislated- most could not compete/
And sadly, only the rich kids got to eat/
The poor kids and orphans were tossed the smallest portions/
And that’s just a portion- I saw even more sin/
Went to an assembly in the auditorium/
The kids were in a frenzy: they booed the valedictorian/
The student government indeed was full of pride/
The class president was selling weed on the side/
Impropriety was common with a lot of variety/
And there was no honor even on the honor society/
They were full of great schemes- even the debate team/
Girls were taking slim fast, boys were up in gym class/
Ironically, attendance was packed for all sports/
In class they fall short, they’re at the basketball court/
They’re building more jails than schools- you do the math/
I won’t even mention what I saw in the computer lab/
At the end of the day, half the school was in detention/
And that’s not to mention those who were out on suspension/
I walked around to see anything extra-curricular/
Most kids had left, there was nothing in particular/
One thing caught my attention that I would call shocking/
In the Bible club, a girl was teaching false doctrine/
I went to the princpal’s office to meet the principal/
But found the principal to be a man of few principles/
And yet he has fans- he says he has plans/
For advance in the badlands? Fat chance/
On my way out- corner of my eye, happened to glance/
The ten commandments were tossed in the trash can/
So that concludes my report, dear Superintendent/
A school like this just can’t be what You had intended/
And since I can’t see it being built up from the ground/
Therefore, my recommendation is to shut it down.