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Christ Centric - The Fight
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

(Evangel’s part only)

The Word is like a lamp unto my feet a light that burns/
So we might discern but I’m quite concerned/
That as a Body we ain’t stopping the lies/
Before Christ returns He said many false prophets would rise/
So we might just learn to get familiar with Scripture/
So we won’t be deceived by the skills of the trickster/
Read His Word and hide it inside of your ticker/
Let Scripture influence your mind like liquor/
Study to show ourselves approved is what we need to do/
If you don’t how would you know what would Jesus do/
We talk trash like “stay away Satan”/
And don’t recognize he comes as Sony Playstation/
Or anything that puts God’s word on vacation/
Y’all look at me and say Evangel’s straight hating/
But if you read His word just a little a day/
He can open your eyes like a spittle of clay/
Do we obey His Word like it’s meant to be taken/
From the early church throughout the centuries unshaken/
In Jesus name is our prayers in high demand/
Like God is sitting back like “your wish is my command!”/
Did we come for Christ miraculous attractiveness/
Or the truth that he preached were we lacking this/
Or was it His accurate portrayal of mankind/
How we’re born spiritually deaf dumb and blind!