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Christ Centric - Shout 4 Joy
(from the album The Mind of Christ)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Q-D.O.G.
Proclaiming the Word of Christ, bringing forth the Word of Life/
Christcentric, who by Christ the sight’s tinted/
You heard it right my life’s relented/
Which means laid down, submitted to the crown now repented/
Some people think my head is dented/
Because I gave up what they thought was splendid/
Opened my heart fully surrendered/
But I had to end it, living for shows, hoes and wealth/
Replenished by the Word like spinach to go stealth/
So the natural mind can’t see me or find me/
‘Cause no more am I choosing sin like eenie meenie miney/
Mo, but only saying get behind me Joe/
Satan, you’re shorter than 7 dwarfs singing heidi-ho/
So I’m out of the cage in a rage like Mighty Joe/
Thanks to the crimson flow that made me white as snow/
So for the God-man yo here we go again/
Proclaiming the gospel that convicts men of sin/
And reveals on their heels there’s a reaper that’s grim/
Coming for what they’re sowing if they ain’t knowing Him/
And who I mean is the cleanest human that ever infiltrated/
Emmanuel-god with us, to the sinful hated/
And simply stated He’s the G-rated/
Original “G” who made it possible for the X-rated/
Acts of cats to be excommunicated/
And excavated, yes the man of flesh was castrated/
Now I’m so elated, got me dancing out my clothes like David/
Raising my hands high praising!

Shout for joy all ye lands/
His love is better than life so throw up your hands/
His name is Jesus Christ; He is the God-man!
Resurrected, now raise them, come on y’all praise Him

Verse 2: Q-D.O.G.
Check 1, 2, buckle my shod shoe/
3, 4, yo who’s at the door/
His name is Jesus Christ knocking while Q-D.O.G. is rocking/
Holy Spirit got your heart stopping/
And dropping to your knees/
Giving spiritual acts of worship in view of mercies/
And Hercules ain’t even stronger than His weakest weaknesses/
For those who are perishing, it’s foolish when I’m preaching this/
For those who are seeking this, it’s wisdom unto salvation/
Kiss the Son and get the good vibration/
From the good libation, poured out for your liberation/
Redeemed hip hop for your holy inspiration/
In our X generation, this next invitation/
Are for ones needing cleansing from the living waters irrigation/
And if the Spirit’s chasing you down you’re best to respond/
You can’t get to heaven with a magic wand/
There’s only one way, one route, no doubt/
That’s with the mouth, to confess and bless/
He’s the J-E-S-U-S C-H-R-I-S-T who sets the soul free/
All you’ve got to do is call, it’s toll-free/
Taking dirty brothers and making them Holy/
It’s the Q-D.O.G. praising the M-O-S-T, High/
And that’s why you can’t test me/
Christcentric, bringing hardcore truth cemented/
In the new mill, for real y’all this is how we blend it!


Verse 3: Q-D.O.G.
With grace amazing, he pulled me out the fire blazing/
Pruning my life like a raisin/
So I raise them, my hands high like s stickup/
I praise Him, it’s good for my soul pick up/
I lift up the name of Jesus like a takeoff/
‘Cause Christ brought the manna in a manner I could break off/
Now through His Word and Spirit I shake the snake off/
I got the victory like MJ in the playoffs/
Many think they’re on point but they’re really way off/
Want to be teachers of the law but they need to stay off/
‘Cause judgment come stricter for those who hold Scripture/
So I pray that God convicts the heart of this rhyme ripper/
‘Cause when I serve the Word the meat always comes cut right/
And I bust mics and preach Jesus and His sacrifice/
Christ my shepherd, shield, and my anchor/
Thank Him every morning when He wakes me up like Sanka/
Ascribe to Him, glory and strength that’s due him/
Give praise to His name test His will, show and prove Him/
So your light can shine bright like a glare in your window/
And the praises can go up from men like a crescendo!