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Soldier the Brainchyld - To Live is Christ
(from the album The Paradox)
© copyright 2008

Matthew 16:26
“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Hook: Preach
To Live is Christ and to die is gain/
I live in His Name, I die in His Name.

Verse 1: Soldier the Brainchyld
They say to live is Christ but I feel I never grasped it/
Catch the sight of the night my flesh turned to ashes/
This can’t be real, see life is what you make it/
We try to search for purpose with no vision to take it/
I’m not rhyming so I can take a stance/
I’m just an ambassador for Christ like William Branch/
His grace is infinite, He meets our every need/
And faith is a gift to those who seek and believe/
And I’m not here to rock mics, just trying to preach the Word/
‘Cause Christ set the record straight like thirty-three and a third/
I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith/
See tomorrow isn’t promised that’s why we’re covered in grace/
I serve Christ fervently, to preach the gospel is the mission/
‘Cause Christ is the true Author of faith like John Grisham/
So I guess it’s safe to say that I rest in God’s promises/
Life without Christ is like hip-hop with no consciousness.


Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
I write with the mind of Christ and I’m covered in grace/
The more I grasp this sight the more I’m suited up in the faith/
Christ ordered my steps, now I bring truth to the block/
‘Cause like Sean Connery, we stay in pursuit of the Rock/
Is Christ Savior and Lord? The Word is analytical proof/
I’m the spiritual lyricist, I drop Biblical truth/
And I’ve come to the conclusion that life is a daily test/
How else do you explain why Paul had a thorn in the flesh/
Regardless, I’m here to fervently speak as an artist/
Philippians 1:6- He’ll finish the work He started/
Set your sights on eternity, count all else as loss/
Take up your cross, let Him renew your mind fervently/
We’re not here to blast mics, just trying to proclaim the Rock’s name/
‘Cause Christ illuminates the path of the righteous like octane/
Verse 16: Paul implores us to hold fast to the Word of life/
And when it comes to salvation we’re reconciled in Christ.

Verse 3: Soldier the Brainchyld
As long as me and my man Nashon create new tracks/
We pray that the goal for now is to state the true fact/
Justified in the Spirit, I’m loving His Grace/
I’m trying to be like Job when the Lord tested his faith/
And I pray for the skeptic to heed the pull of His truth/
‘Cause eternal life hit my soul like my chest was bulletproof/
Life is forever moving from the past to present tense/
We reflect His Glory eternally like Kweli and (Hi-)Tek/
Brothers pursue the limelight but I search for fervent purpose/
Think about it for a minute and you’re certain to find it/
I’m the spiritual lyricist here to bring Christ to the lost/
I’m trying to be like my Savior when He endured the cross/
We serve a Living God who is faithful and patient/
While He promised we suffer, He doesn’t choose to forsake us/
In conclusion, I’m here to say I’m a piece of His puzzle/
‘Cause Christ switched places with man like He was a stunt double.