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R-Swift - I Pray

Verse 1:
Lord, I pray for those soldiers sacrificing to keep the line/
Who left their spouses, seeds, fam’ and peeps behind/
To fight a war over seas at a seasoned time/
Though in battle I pray for safety and peace of mind/
And also for the believer to seek Your face more/
And for the opposite to be exposed to Your grace Lord/
I pray for all of those who wage war/
Denying the power of God ‘cause they think it takes more/
Either or I stand in intercession for all troops/
So that they can receive You who can guide them in all Truth/
I pray for the sanity of all the families who already lost a loved one/
So they don’t turn to themselves trying to seek the outcome/
But through this tragedy be compelled to love the Son/
‘Cause we in the last days American flags are half raised/
So if you have faith, pass the phrase “God bless America”.

You said if I would believe/
You said You’d be all I need/

Verse 2:
You said the prayers of a righteous man availeth much/
So I pray that You continue to unveil Your touch/
And shine Your unfailing love on the heart of our President/
Compassion and understanding on the hearts of the residence/
I pray that the Saints let their political preference go out the window/
And pray for the President’s soul/
And I pray that every time he hits his knees in the morning/
That he’s thanking the God who died so he could breathe in the morning/
We can ask all we want to be strong and unified/
But it won’t happen unless we all serving the True God/
It’s You God who knows all the strain that he’s been through/
But he’ll stand strong as long as his faith is in You/
And my faith is that You will hear every prayer/
Of Your people and cancel out every fare/
Wipe away every tear—kill off every snare/
So on that note I cast every care upon You.


Verse 3:
Lord, I thank You for hearing my prayers/
As I pray for my city, my state, and my country and the mindstate of us all/
And the Saints that are Yours keep their eyes stayed on the cross/
As we call upon the name of the Lord/
Last but not least I pray for victory within Israel/
And I pray for the prisoners of war in cells/
And for us Christians who daily go to war with ourselves/
That we keep the faith and know that the Lord prevails/
We love You—In Jesus name we pray Amen.