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Trip Lee - Intro
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Hey, open them ears up bro we bout to put you on
To something special, to bless you I hope it's hitting home
I know you skeptical bet you just tryna flip the song
You used to different spitting bout women and living wrong
But what you know about the Lord? We tryna see Him clear
How to appease Him and please Him, how can we keep Him near
How can we know Him, behold Him, and show Him we sincere
Is he opposed to you smokin, bonin, and drinkin beer?
I'm hoping we prepared, we bout a take a trip
I'll point you to the living water homie take a sip
Go to the pool of Siloam go on and take a dip
Come back with vision that's given by Him, who makes a switch
Though it would it cost Him, HIs enemies would cross Him
He called, and was dropping that knowledge like books falling
From Dallas to New Orleans, Philly to every city
Our vision is looking blurred we gotta see 20/20
Got ears but don't hear, eyes but don't see
Our God we don't fear, these rhymes are so we
Can peak off into the mind of God, He's holy
Our lives are so weak, but God is so He
Yeah He's perfect and flawless, He stands as the standard
His stance is grand, understand that He stands up
Always upright, we got a chance since the ransom
He paid at the cross, now let's find us some answers
What kind of God, would take some dudes and hand em
Eternal life for free, through the grace that He grants them?
By faith, we been changed, used to roll as His foes
But He rose and He chose, now we clothed in His clothes
It's kinda crazy, we all had ambitions of getting dough
He changed our character like an actor who's switching roles
This is to testify bout the God that we living for
And I'm just hoping this album will help you get to know Him