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Trip Lee - Come close Feat. Flame & Sho Baraka
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1 - Trip Lee:
Set the scene, in the beginning was God
He was holy, glorious and He was wise
If anyone tries, to question His power
Tell them cowards, you really don't buy it
He's really so fly, He don't need no assistance
He made everything spoke it into existence
Creation listened, with no resistance
What kinda powerful God is this?
I'm tripping sometimes I stop and just gaze
I'm so amazed that He made this in 6 days
Made land, made man, but man made a mistake
Men ate fruit now we all in a sin state
But don't think He's no match for the serpent He
Smashes His adversaries, laughs at adversity
They plan, they scam, but they ain't got a good fate
The seed of the woman will smash on the serpent's seed
Time goes, guys grow mo and mo sin filled
God grows, tired though, He's hatred for their sin builds
Because they lacked great faith and love
God showed that He reigned with a flood
He showed His hatred for sin that sits in mens hearts
And the grace He extends to men on His ark
He's amazing man, His great works are a testimony to His person
And I'm so blessed He knows me

Come close, tell me what do you see?
It's God and that's something to see
You wanna know who the boss is?
Flip through His narrative, switch through His character
Come close, tell me what do you see?
It's God and that's something to see
You wanna know who the boss is?
Take a look at His works you can see ID

Verse 2 - Flame:
Aye Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph in the hands of Yahweh how they showed us/How raw our God is never say no/ ask Pharaoh let go my people like ego/ they know who so parted the Red Seas//plans to redeem through Abraham's seed/ Here comes another parting through the Jordan waters/ God is such an artist should be askin' for His auto-graph/this ain't the half my brother/that God reveals like pealing the covers/back His attributes and acts/that we will see when we go in OT/but-what I aint talkin' bout overtime/the Old Testament see the plagues and pestilence/that reveals how holy God is/so much so that even armies had to bow down/look at Jericho the walls had to let em go/who can tell Him no dawg betta let em know who can stay afloat when God got the levees broke/see for His glory/it will get gory/yet at the same time the same God of Jacob/the same God of Joseph and Caleb/Can take a sinner man and make em a nation/make laws just to show off His power and patients


Verse 3 - Sho Baraka:
Let the Gospels introduce you to the Lamb and the light
In Revelation He returns as the Lion with the might
He runs the urban jungle crushed my burden to the law
Took a bite out of sin/ Got death in His claw
He demonstrates his power over death, sickness
Over Nature, over evil over time and distance
All power is in his hand, when they thought he was ruined
But he rose from the grave like "How you doing"
He established the church and working hard like adrenaline
But Satan and the world they want to pump us with Ritalin
Gotta keep running whether in your bapes or timberland
Perseverance of the saints, baby there is no giving in
Now the Holy Spirit provides gifts for the church
So we can build one another and complete his works
What does this say about Jehovah, He so consistent
Man falls man repents man is freed from his prison
All by His power, through His mercy and His grace
So man will stop worshiping self and seek his face
We live the great commandment then do the great commission
So we see 20/20, continue the family business