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Trip Lee - Real Vision Feat. tedashii
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1 - Trip Lee:
Look I don't know what they told you but if it don't match up/With His holy Word then homie they need to back up/Some they pretend like they get Him they twisting facts up/That's why we dig in the scriptures to know the Master/Homie, we have to if we want to get past the Only thing we know being what we learned from the Pastor/I really hope your listening, my listeners cause after/We want to see Him clear like a big screen plasma/Half of the cats I seen they don't really know the Lord/They think my views are extreme, think I'm going overboard/But they ain't read a page of the place where He's spoken for Himself in the matters, man that's what I be quoting for/Some say He don't exist, nah that don't even make sense/This Earth is masterpiece somebody had to paint this/Forget the big bang, or evolution and face this/He's the King of Kings and author of all creation/Some say He made it then lets it run like a clock/Nah, He controls every soul and every action on the block/If it happened then He watched and it happens on His watch/No surprise in His eyes, no my God's never shocked

I don't know what you heard, I don't know what you heard/I don't know what you heard, hope it matches with the Word/I don't know what you think, I don't know what you think/I don't know what you think, homie time to get it straight

Verse 2 - Tedashii:
Wonderful, Counselor, Masterful/This is Jesus Christ, LORD, all capitals/This is why Trip and I trip after the mass appeal/Of people, who pigeonhole Jesus as a pacifist, Whoa!/A prophet with no power in His plasma/Still we preach against the views that Arius profess to have of Him (look it up!)/Meaning the deifying of Jesus was nothing more than an accident/But the Bible's the proof that refutes and gives us facts on Him/That He was, what His Daddy was Homousia, the God-Man/sent to save us all that He loves/And set us free from sin and shut it down like it was Attica/Anyone disbelieving this truth may want to back it up or back It up/Because the Son of Man is coming that's what's up and at His judgment seat is where you will see/His holy wrath is just/But God is Love, that don't mean He's weak! Hey check His resume/Just cause He lets you breath don't mean He won't take His breath away

Verse 3 - Trip Lee:
These days in the church, most cats got it twisted/Don't let them fool you on how we posed to live this/For instance, some say to come to Christ for riches/Or maybe your blessing, but my question is what is this?Cause that ain't the gospel, that if you put your faith in Him/To come to the Savior, and then you'll rake that paper in? Face it friends, they made Jesus they holy ATM/Paul would appalled, this gospel would be disgrace to Him/This false gospel strips Him of His flyness/He's more like your servant and less like His Highness/So please don't buy it, that idea is absurd/Jesus said the Christian life can be strife and it's filled with hurt/ Look homie I would hate for, cats to get that fake stuff/And never know it's wrong cause they wont open a page up/I pray we erase the wrong views and embrace the Holy Word that testifies to us about the Savior