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Trip Lee - Superstar
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1:
Oh yeah they talk a lot, they say they that they walk it out, they say they this/They making chips, their cake's legit, don't baller block or call the cops/They think they something, better not say they ain't or that they fake or fronting/Otherwise their duns wills ride with guns inside their range or something/That's what all they songs about, they long for wrong they all about/How they the stuff and they discuss how they all go that baller route/But me I take that smaller route, them ballers I'm gon' call them out/And say to dudes the King is true, so that's what I'm gon' talk about/Look I ain't got no cocky flows bout dollars copped when rocking shows/Or girls that pop and drop it low, or glocks that I'm gon' lock and load/It's not for show or lots of dough, I do this for His name/To get it out, not to get mine exposed, don't do this for the fame/No time to flow bout shiny clothes, or shoes, or golden chains/My mind is sold to the God who rose, His truth is on my brain/So while the average cats is backwards spitting battle raps/Wrapped up in their habitat of blasting cats, I'm rapping 'bout the Master's acts/Most cats just can't fathom that, that I don't the spotlight/It's not right, I'm not tight, I rep Him when I rock mics/So don't be looking at me, you see me just look on past me/I'm nothing special, just a vessel, service makes me happy

Hey if you looking for a Superstar/I ain't the one you searching for, I came to bring some worship, bro/He's perfect I'm just dirt below/Hey if you looking for a Superstar/Don't look at me, you got me wrong, I been a sinner all along/Let's look at Him and not the songs (Repeat)

Verse 2:
Hey what you looking at homie? Get your eyes up off of me/The credit bro it's not for me, but the one who took the cross for me/He's holy, I ain't choose Him, He chose me, oh no He sought for me/Bought me, got me clean homeboy, get it right/What you looking at sister? I ain't nothing but dust bro/Who must go and rep His name, He gave me grace to trust so/I'm nothing more than anybody else, they in the front row/They think I'm special? I ain't much though no, get it right/Hey what you looking at homie? Nah I don't mind the autographs/And pictures but I ain't all for that, I'm preaching Christ and falling back/My mission is to lift up the risen who put the cross on back/I'm spitting to help them follow that vision, get it right/Hey what you looking at sister? Forget about my name and stuff/I ain't no entertainer, but hope this is entertaining just/So cats can hear His name discussed and trust the God I came to trust/His grace is enough for saving us baby, get it right


Get your eyes off me, I'm just dust from the ground/Put your eyes on Him, Christ the Son with the crown/I ain't no superstar, I ain't no superstar/So get your eyes off me, get your eyes off me