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Trip Lee - Who He Is feat. Lecrae,Cam
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1 - Lecrae:
I know His Grace is amazing, face it ain't another like our God
From the foundation's placements, nations , they've been placed underneath his rod
Oh my God, you're the one worth the praise so bump the peso, cause you say so
I keep your ways in front of me until my days go
so they can have the women they can keep that queso
that's why we don't roll with the drama
Don't get drunk, don't roll marijauna
Not because hell's hot like the coals in a sauna
But we love God and we go where He wanna
Himself, the best gift he could ever give
Who can take a set of kids trippin off of sedatives
Give them the grace that pays their eternal deficit
Now we enjoy God and all of His preeminence

Because of who He is
If I'm worthy dying for, yes this God's worth living for
Because of who He is He makes me want to give Him more and more
Because of who He is
So I take my body and use it for the glory of God
That's why I pray every day, gotta pick up my cross
Search for the lost, no matter the cost

Verse 2 - Trip Lee:
Okay, He reigns over all, its plain since the fall, our brains don't recall who He is
His name's over all, His aim is for all, to remain in awe as they see His
Beauty man it's truly crazy, dude He's grand His truth is great we
Dudes should stand and truly praise the beautiful lamb they bruised Him greatly
His life was the cost, He died on the cross, He died for the lost, we know that
So we ride for the boss, He's high we exalt, this Christ in our thoughts, can't hold back
Exalt Him in our actions too, we crack them Johnny Macs and cruise
The facts, we grab His active truth, we happy when our Dad's in view


Verse 3 - Lecrae:
Tell me, who you know can control the globe
Walk in his holy home, walk down a lowly road,
Roll where the stones get thrown at ya dome
Cause you made it known you're the son of God on the throne
He deserve mo, this is why we flow
Not that we could ever pay him back what we owe
But if we don't flow then we might as well go
and let the whole world know he is God all alone

Trip Lee:
He's gracious, great, He's way too good, cant believe He made us kids
No righteousness in the place we stood, so He died and He gave us His
You might wonder why we live that bro, we ain't just tryna live by some principles
We love Him can't get enough of him, so that's the God we living for