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Trip Lee - Who is like Him?
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1:
I seen cats and they demeanor and man it seems wack
They think that they level is close to where Elohim's at
They call themselves the King cause they proud of them green stacks
But He's the most high, the highest they gets on weed sacks
These dudes ain't on His level bro, so please take heed and let it go
I know you got some cheese, but He don't even need no cheddar bro
He's self sufficient, check His scriptures bro He's incomparable
It's best you go and check His Word, this bread is more than edible
Face the facts, you think you amazing because you make cash
But look around the Heavens and Earth, homie He made that
You can trace back His history, its filled with peace and great acts
He took the sin of men, the weight He took on Him would break backs
Lay back and peep this, bro this ain't no secret
I'ma hit you with some truth you may not want it but you need it
I know you fly and fresh to def, but homie you ain't fresh enough
I would say step your game up but you can't step it up enough

Who else you know?
That's even anything like the Lord He's meant to reign
We ain't on His level man to say we are is just insane
Who is like Him? NOBODY! (4X)
Who else you know?
That's like our God and Father, He's the one that cat's should honor
Look He stands above man in His sight we grasshoppers
Who is like Him? NOBODY! (4X)

Verse 2:
Some folks trying to say they off the chains they think they so fine
They good at rapping, they album went platinum four times
They gon shine and even when they gone, they in these folks minds
But top this, my God existed way before time
Before He made anything homie, He just was
He's eternal, He just made you from the dust bruh
One day you gon pass on, but my God will last long
Drag on, longer than your chrome or all your rap songs
A lot will stand, saying they famous and got a lot of fans
But they ain't got no angels praising them they not the man
Cats should get they minds right, I know they in the limelight
But our God is infinite, they illegitimate and finite
We created, He's creator, We was made and He's the maker
He's supreme over human beings, though folks try to debate us
A lot of kids they got it twisted like some hair that's dreaded up
I would say step your game up but you can't step it up enough


Verse 3:
A few guys, know a lot of stuff and some dudes wise
But if they said they on His level then them dudes lied
Who guides the Spirit of the Lord or taught Him truth? I'd
Like to suggest that you see Jesus through some new eyes
Who measured the waters in the hollow of His hand?
Tell me who's the God who's marked off the heavens by the span?
Now tell me who calculated all the dust of the Earth?
He is Yahweh, God we make much of His worth
Tell me who you know, that's more powerful or even beautiful
That's truth and bro would die to save and raise after His funeral?
We tell men, that this God would let them drive them nails in
But still spreads out the heavens like a tent to dwell in
So the point is, He's greater than we are and man this joint is
To point kids, in His direction and where this joy is
Come on, no more fronting homie its bout time for fessing up
You want to step your game up but you cant step it up enough