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Trip Lee - Eyes open feat. J.R.
(from the album 20 20)
© copyright 2008, Reach

Verse 1:
Good evening brethren, let's go a special direction
Look back, let's meet a young'n that was born in 87
His parents was so happy, rejoicing at they new blessing
He breathes life, at the same time death without a question
His parents gazed in his eyes, adoring him as he hollers
He got his eyes from his mama, he got his nose from his father
Its crazy how this baby, is so precious but I'm saddened
He got his name from grandfather, his depravity from Adam
That's how it goes and hey look as he grows
You can see he's so blind, his eyes seem as they closed
He's so weak and it shows, he can't keep from what He knows
Is wrong, he knows it's bad but dag he wants it though
And all throughout his years, he looks good to his peers
And his parents, and his self but if we could only peer
On the inside, we'd see that from the start it was dark
Until a Savior stepped in and gave Him a new heart, eyes opened!

I know I once was blind, Oh Lord but now I see
You sent your Son from above to come and rescue me
He's the light of the world, maker of you and me
His Spirit shines so bright for all of us to see
Now that my vision's clear, Oh Lord we sing your praise
And pray that those in the world would turn and seek your face
Father we thank you for eyes to see so we can know you and love you forever
So that we can love you forever (2X)

Verse 2:
Yeah I was blinded in the past, like my mind was in the trash
Incapable of doing good or even finding him the task
Was beyond what I could grasp, my righteousness is rags
So He had to do all the work, by His design you do the math
The math, who get's the glory, hey who get's the praise?
Predestined, I was elected, resurrected from the grave
Plus His loved was never based on my past or present state
On anything that I obtained I was a mess but blessed with grace
By grace, I'm in love with Him
He gave me something within
He doesn't love me cause of me nope He loves me because of Him
No He didn't have to save and raise me when I was dead
But He dragged me out the morgue, now the praise of His name is spread
He died for all He would save, it's crazy the Savior bled
Erasing taking my dread, and gave me some grace instead
The kind I wouldn't resist, I came praise be to Him
And I'm confident if I'm in Him Ima make it to the end with eyes open


Now that my eyes is open, gotta keep that Bible open
Not just so that I can quote Him, I'm hopin that I'll behold Him
Until I lay in the grave, I'm praying I'll stay in motion
Gazing with eyes of faith He gave me baby, I'm focused
I'm praying all through my 20's I'll see Him in 20/20
Looking at Him till I look like Him almost like His twin He's
So merciful, His Word is so packed I'm telling many
About the glory of Christ, tryna rep Him with all that's in me