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Braille - Submission Hold
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Submission hold
Submission hold
We break the mold
You canít hold us down

The truth hurts, my frequencies leave bruises, play this in your Cadillac or PT Cruisers, Iím doing it, hard to the core, from the heart, and when I spark a rhyme itís sort of hard to ignore, I know you're loving it when Braille brings the ruggedness, more sick then throwing up in a cup and chugging it, the poor and rich fight with swords and fists, I got my torch lit walking through the dark abyss, the struggle is hard, so we hustle and plot, try to find easy money then your bubble gets popped, itís like we got minimal options, friends turn criminal often, street heroes lost and forgotten, thatís when we hit rock bottom, this place is not Sodom or Gomorrah, but living here is torture, when you're trapped in submission, and try to get freedom from the world system, itís non-existent

Iím holding it down for my fam and friends, spread around food for thought until the famine ends, some assume I was born with a silver spoon, itís not true, I just do what I gotta do to push through, self-employed and self-motivated, but I wonít give the glory to myself for how far I made it, or what I overcome, lyrics flow from my lungs and I spit them over drums, living in America like J.B., R.I.P., and Iím knocking out the enemy like this is Rocky IV, aAfter Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed, with no apology so now itís all on me, and I donít battle with the flesh and blood, but when it comes to my own flesh and blood, donít press your luck, I let God settle the score on behalf of me, turn the other cheek and submit to His majesty

Behind the Song:
"This is a song about not submitting to the boxes this world tries to put us in. People assume we will fall into the same traps and same patterns as everyone around us. This song is about breaking the mold and being ourselves, not submitting to the status quo, and not letting negative assumptions hold us down." - Braille