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Braille - Main Squeeze
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Everythingís gonna be alright, ask Alicia, my girl is a queen like Latifah, nice to meet ya, Iím not a creeper, so if I dance in your radius Iím not trying to freak ya, I donít live single, I mingle with the ring on, tied the knot in 02í until infinity beyond, Iím light years ahead of you player, I donít play games, I wonít take back my words like itís my last name, innocent until proven, word to Chief Wiggum, call my raps Sugar Smacks and all yaíll Dig Emí, the track gets composed on the MP, nobody seeing this, who's on the boards, check the fingerprints, 88 keys drop the 808 bass, cause it's 2008 and I got something to say, hey rappers, hey, hey, hey, hey, judgment day, BAD NEWS

Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?

I wanna squeeze you, I wanna hold you tight, thatís what I want to do, Iím not a drinking man, Iím more like a thinking man, I think out loud they say, ďBoy watch your mouth!Ē, yo man if you got something to say, let it out, donít hold your breath, itís like hey, the world should know this and also take notice that Iím not afraid to get on stage and share emotions, the more I put in it the harder I rock, and the harder I rock the harder they jock, radio disk jockeys on their high horses, whipping the listeners, keep running the same tracks, the playlist is more like a paylist, but my songs are on from DJs who only play favorites

I wanna squeeze you, I wanna hold you tight, that's what I want to do

Behind the Song:
"This is a playful song partly inspired by the two years I spent touring with James Brown. The lyrics are fun and the song simply asks close friends or significant others if they are truly there for us." - Braille