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Braille - Remember Your Path
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Keep it simple, I try to do that, but when I keep it simple it sounds like something's lacking, so I go back and listen to the track and do a few subtractions, grab my pad and pen, write a new line, add it in, hmmmmm, I canít say that again, I already rhymed this word with that word, so this time I gotta find a new way to flip it, is it that serious? I donít know, but Iím not trying to kick a bunch of freestyle flows, Iím trying to grow as an artist, charisma and swagger, catch you off guard, I donít look like a rapper, take my picture, Iím not trying to look hard, I never been behind bars or tagged train yards with a marker or spray can in hand, Iím an emcee y'all, I am who I am

Microphone check, one two, what is this, itís friends vs. business and friends come first, I never thought this music would be lucrative, I didnít know if I was stupid or intuitive, crazy, a little bit but maybe heís brilliant, drawing the blueprint to build this as a little kid, when I was 15 hip hop was a dream, nobody voted for me to be the prom king or class president, I was a west coast resident, moved to the east, hip hop was more prevalent, living in New Jersey my junior year, high school drop-out, my future's unclear, Timberland boots yo, I couldnít play ball, I was at the record store, never catch me at the mall, saving lunch money to buy fresh cassettes, thatís why I stayed hungry to make the next step

No more nonsense, Iím taking rappers hostage, sit them in seminars, teach them how to prosper, throw away money on cars and jewelry, whips and chains, thatís appropriate slang, we become slaves to the idiosyncrasies of rap songs that they play on the radio frequencies, we all desire a higher position, selfish ambition, itís a critical condition, you're not giving yourself a chance, like jumping out a plane wearing parachute pants, itís all the right words with the wrong emphasis, ignorance attacks, we become our own nemesis, I tell it how it is, remember how it was? When I started rapping I did it for the love, no matter where you're from, wherever you're at, and wherever you go, yo, remember your path

Behind the Song:
"This song talks about the path I took as a young artist to get here. It also encourages people to remember where they came from and what inspired them. We often get distracted by off roads that steer us in the wrong direction (spiritually, professionally and so forth). When we remember the process we went through to get to our current point Ė it gives us great insight regarding what was good for us and what wasnít." - Braille