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Braille - Constantly Growing feat. Speech
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

The tent that we live in is for rent, not owned
It withers away then one day itís gone
But inside we thrive, we advance, we sprout
We constantly grow, our souls abound

What up my people? We break it down to the soil, it all started with a seed, and that includes me, every thought, every action, every seed bearing fruit, everything that we see, growing simultaneously with spontaneity, celebrated moments and forgotten memories leaving a legacy, negative and positive, good and evil, wrong and right, perfect vision and lost eyesight, we see it in hindsight after we fall behind, learning from mistakes as our heart gets refined, the design of mankind, clay in the Creator's hand, connected to the vine, understand who made the man before the man made mandates, the man-maker had a plan greater to save us from the sin nature, grim reaper, we dig deeper than physical features, individual students and teachers, the garden of our hearts, reaping a harvest from what was planted, sowing seeds and taking chances, no time for standing still, life moves on, the cycle continues, the greatest change of your life will happen within you

(Sojourn lyrics currently not available)

Behind the Song:
"Life is a constant growing process. Hardly anything remains stagnant, it is either decreasing or increasing. Getting better or getting worse. The seeds we sow with our lives are all producing a harvest Ė the negative and positive things are both growing based on the amount of time, resources and thoughts invested into them. If we donít keep watch over our heart, things can grow that we donít want there Ė and eventually overtake the things we do want." - Braille