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Braille - Blessed Man
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Itís like a dream come true, a sneak preview of the grand finale, I get a taste of heaven, itís like milk and honey, I was blessed with love before I had money, the things I love most, you canít take from me, I hold them close, the Most High and my family, I might never get fortune and fame, Iím always gonna say Iíve been a fortunate man

And when they ask who I am, I will stand up and say Iím a blessed man
And when they ask where Iím at, it doesnít matter, Iím with you, Iím a blessed man
And when they ask why, I will point to the sky, Iím a blessed man
Yeah, yes man Iím a blessed man
Yes man Iím a blessed man

We walked through the park holding hands, and Iím thinking to myself Iím a blessed man, youíre so beautiful the words escape me, like the day I watched you give birth to our baby, you illuminate when Iím in a dark place, bless my heart with a smile on your face, I'ma say it, my wife is hot, so it donít matter how much ice I got, I put a ring on her finger, leave it at that, if it wasnít for her I wouldnít be where Iím at, if it wasnít for God maybe we never would have met, but He brought us together so thereís no question weíre blessed, I donít write many love songs, Iím sorry girl, the truth is I never hear beats worthy of it, but when the glove fits I let the world know, Iím married to an angel and plan to stay faithful

As I sit back reflecting, I recognize that my lifeís been protected, I had friends get murdered, I could have been there, friends committed suicide, I could have went there, depression, my life could have ended, I could have took a flight on September 11th, life is fragile, we take it for granted, Iím thankful for the life I was handed, Christ stretched out His arms on the cross, offered me freedom at a tremendous cost, I canít accept the gift without repentance, I talk to God with expectancy, He said "Ask for anything in the name of My Son, if itís My will then it will be done", Iím not praying for material possessions, being close to God is the greatest blessing

Behind the Song:
"This song celebrates all the blessing in my life. Rather then focusing on material stuff Ė this is more about being blessed with life, family and closeness with God." - Braille