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Braille - Many Stories
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

I have to be deliberate when I deliver this, the words are on the tip of my tongue, lips quivering, itís not cold outside but my body is shivering, and the skin that Iím in is shaken deep to the core, Iím pacing the floor like I have a nervous habit, and Iím an anxious person but thatís not the reason why, it hurts to be a husband, seeing your wife cry, concerned for her emotions while Iím tripping over mine, holding my baby during the first day of her life, doctors come into the room saying something isnít right, they couldnít tell us why so they started running tests at the ICU with wires connected to her head, the imagery was intense, we just kept on praying, trying to stay calm, but in my mind it was mayhem, we faced it as a family, never alone, and I was smiling when we got to bring our baby girl home

If I could tell you all my stories
Then you would realize in yours itís not over
Iíve been through so many battles
And I almost lost myself, but now Iím back
Now Iím back again

I was in Portland writing this song, then I got a call that something was wrong, it never crossed my mind that you might be gone, cause you were so young and your will was so strong, on my way to the hospital, I was driving slow, didnít really think it was your time to go, when I arrived, I was calm, asking what happened, they said after the cat scan I can chat with the chaplain, and heís telling me you had a major stroke, a vessel in your brain stem suddenly broke, took me to your bed, now itís just me and you, father and son in the emergency room, I said a few words, you couldnít even speak, the only reason you're breathing is from a machine, Iím always gonna miss you, but God gave me peace, letting go of regrets, holding on to the memories

If I could tell you all of my stories
Iím sure you have many of your own

Behind the Song:
"Everyone has stories to tell. This song speaks on two of my own personal stories. The birth of my daughter and the passing of my father. Both of those events happened within the same year for me. The song talks about how God gave me peace during some of the most difficult times Iíve faced." - Braille