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Braille - Raise The Dead fea. Poems
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

How can we raise the dead when
They’ve been gone so long, PLEASE
Bring them back to life
Is it possible to do that?
Zombies in the streets
Their needs have been ignored
Screaming can’t you hear this?
Raise the dead spirits

In the destitute land, we cry for revolution but don’t execute the plan, our people get executed instead, the land of the living dead, pop shots aimed at their head, lost ones, young sons who got guns, they pull it out, make them shout when trouble comes, nobody knows where he got it from, but when it blows he’s got us on the run, the block is scared, living in fear, total paranoia, he takes steroids and the boy is a destroyer, bullets fly, inflicting his first victim, he said he would kill a second in a millisecond, woot woot, red and blue lights flashing, cops harassing potential assassins, mamas cry, these kids don’t listen well, one in the grave and one in the prison cell

Behind the Song:
"This song is a cry out, speaking on behalf of the oppressed and neglected. There are people running wild on this earth, living their lives as if they’re already dead. We’ve got to intercede on behalf of the people around us who are loosing their lives early due to violence, drugs and depression." - Braille