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Braille - Counter Attack Feat. Theory Hazit
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Yo dawg listen, I manhandle the rhythm, if the beat was a man, this is cannibalism, raw animalistic, hard core ballistic, I rip it like this cause the world is so sick and twisted, sadistic sickness, inflicted infliction, dangerous addiction, drugs with no prescription, love is missing, lust is living in us, dirty needles inject our veins till they bust, self-destruction splitting your own wig back, temptation delivered in Trojan horse gift wrap, donít open it, evil spirits approach us, to exterminate us all just like roaches, I was born in the city of roses, with the tame and ferocious, righteous and atrocious, I wrote this to say the world is not hopeless, fight back, counter attack and stay focused

(Theory Hazit lyrics currently not available)

Counter attack with the melody, love all your enemies, this is the remedy
Counter attack or fall back, fight fire with water, put the fire out

Behind the Song:
"'Fight fire with water, put the fire out'. This song is about fighting against the hate in this world with love. Not responding to hate and violence with the same force, but rather, responding aggressively with love." - Braille