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Braille - Mental Guards
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Iím going, Iím going, Iím gone and Iím not coming back
I think Iím losing my mind this time, this time Iím losing my mind
And they say that Iíve lost it, mentally exhausted, a time bomb walking, proceed with caution, donít push me,
Iím close to the edge, trying not to lose my head

And we gotta keep on, da da da daAnd we gotta push on, da da da da
And we gotta move on, da da da da
For the rest of our lives

Iím walking the plank and theyíre throwing me overboard, throwing me overboard, blown out of proportion

Holding down the fortress, attention span, divided into portions, call it a deficit, like the government debt, when nothing is said, the moment is tense, so you know what they're thinking, you canít cover my eyes with those fabrics of imagination, but diseases in the blankets that keep me warm, taking advantage of my trust, but guess what, I donít trust you no more


And they say that Iíve totally lost it, Iím at the courthouse totally exhausted, they tried to press charges, said I was worse the Charles Manson, called the prison guards in, holding me down, the crowd screams ďGuilty!Ē, yelling loud to convince the jury, examine the evidence, itís obvious Iím innocent, this is unjustified punishment, my friend walked in just in time, I thought you were on my side, but now heís telling lies, the whole world is against me, I know who all of you are, I saw the dirt that youíve done, crooked cop shot a man with a gun, that prostitute slept with the preacher's son, what were you doing Saturday night? Where were you on the night of the crime?, yeah, now the finger's pointing at you, now you're nervous, not sure what to do, and thatís why you blame me, cause your ashamed of yourself and itís a shame to see, we all fall far from grace, praying that God wonít recognize our face, the wages of sin is death, God already knows, snitch, hold your breath


Behind the Song:
"This song almost has a paranoid type vibe to it. Itís written from the perspective of someone who feels like they canít trust anyone. Someone who feels like they are being judged by every move they make, and they canít escape the judgment Ė so they judge others the same way. Sometimes we resort to pointing out the flaws in others in order to take the focus off our own flaws." - Braille