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Braille - Get It Right
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

How I wonder why I utter
Words so ugly, hear me stutter
If my mother heard me now
She might slap me, save me now
Iím a mad man in a dark room
Playing the piano, itís my heart's tune
And I want you so bad
I said I want you so bad

Youíre no good, Iím no good either, you showed me the dark side, I followed the leader, losing my patience, try to gain composure, I can see the storm coming like my name's Noah, canít say I didnít warn you, who warned us? What are we supposed to do when the storm's us? Where are we supposed to run to? What can I say? I donít even know who Iím talking to, looking in the mirror I see unfamiliar shadows, looking in the galaxy I feel so shallow, my heart, like a black hole, wicked and deceitful, trying to do good, surrounded by evil
This time I will get it right, nowís the time for me to step into the light
The light is so beautiful, I close my eyes,
Iíve been burned before, it happened many times,
I can be my own worst enemy or I can blame You for tempting me, I got good and bad tendencies, tenacious and habitual, with bad habits and rituals, worthy of ridicule, I got no excuses, Iím pitiful, I get stressed over miniscule little nothings, just a drop in the bucket, I see a way out but Iím so reluctant, itís time to swallow my pride, itís time to get my life right

All these thoughts, they drive me crazy
Some of them are now escaping
Thereís a spider in my head
And Iím afraid to go to bed
Iím a mad man and Iíve lost it
Wonít You please help me find it?
Cause I need You so bad
Oh yes I need You so bad, Youíre so good
Your mercy is so good
Your blood, it covers me
It sounds a little dark
Iím walking in the light

Behind the Song:
"This song is a call for repentance. Confessing our wrongs and stepping into the light. We WANT things that are so BAD for us. What we NEED is forgiveness and mercy Ė so we can walk away from our sins and get our lives right with God." - Braille