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Braille - Restless
(from the album The IV Editition)
© copyright 2008,

Ainít getting no sleep no more
Ainít getting no sleep no more
Iím restless
I got a lot to do and Iím restless, yo check this

I got a checklist of things to do and Iím stressing out cause all my bills are due, I got less money in my bank account than the amount that I owe, so my checks will bounce, if I write them out thatís a bondage, I donít want this to stand in the way of my focus, I stay zoning with deep concentration, late night, suffering from sleep deprivation, I donít got five pairs of Nike Airs, I only got one car, me and my wife share, Iím in the studio, my daughter is upstairs, walking in the kitchen or sitting in the high chair, I put food on the table, she wears a bib, sleeps in our bed instead of the crib, people get surprised when they visit my crib, like ďYo, I didnít know you were living like this", I got a nice house, but donít get it twisted, when I was growing up I wasnít a rich kid, I try to be wise, make good investments, so little time, and thatís why Iím restless

I rap with tactics to pass to the masses, a message of hope and peace that surpasses understanding when Iím standing under rain clouds with warnings of lightning and thunder, no umbrella, so this young fella gonna have to get wet and run for shelter, oh well, I can get mad and upset or I can propel like fuel for a jet, I got tools in my box and I use what I got to build on the lot with the building blocks, and Iím building a lot, living on the block and they say that the streets are like a stumbling block, thatís why we stumble a lot, running from the cops, hustling rocks and glocks, busting shots, no wonder weíre lukewarm instead of being hot, getting caught trying to be something that weíre not, and Iím not convinced that I simply exist to stand back and watch, Iíd rather uplift, itís hard to sleep with all this in front of me, itís hard to work and only think about the money, so much to consider when I stand and deliver, and I figure I could help if I see the bigger picture, itís worth it to me, Iím willing to work for free, knowing God is willing to work through me

Behind the Song:
"Knowing the urgency of peopleís salvation, sometimes itís hard to rest. The world around us is slowly crumbling into pieces. We have our own stresses that keep us up at night. Things like bills, work and the pursuit of our own passions and hobbies. This is about setting aside our own burdens and desires at times Ė and losing sleep, or losing our own comforts in order to invest into someone elseís situation. I stayed up late many nights finishing this record, sort of restless during the process because I felt it was so important. So this is about investing that same kind of urgency into other people." - Braille